Andrei Tarkovsky: Long Takes

In my first instances of Russian director, Andrei Tarkovsky, he was only depicted as a side piece to a different director or a genre. Tarkovsky masterpiece Solaris wasn’t described as a masterpiece but as “the soviet response to 2001: A…Continue Reading →

Diogenes the Dog

When one thinks of a philosopher, one might imagine a bearded professor writing long, perplexing passages within the depths of his study. Or, maybe a classy, French existentialist speaking futilely over a cup of coffee in a cafe overlooking the…Continue Reading →

Explorers Look To Run the Table

The Columbus Explorers haven’t lost a game since the ugly game against Miami Northwestern in Week 2, and look to continue their winning streak in the Class 8A playoff bracket. The Explorers defeated Homestead 50-0 Friday, and will face off…Continue Reading →


I can’t look past tomorrow Cause when think of the future all I see is my sorrow When days to turn to sleepless nights I look to the stars to see the worlds nightlight When I look up at the…Continue Reading →