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Your Halloween Movie Pick

So Trick or Treating isn’t your thing. And because of Halloween’s unfortunate placement on a Wednesday, partying is no longer an option. Constricted to the confines of your house, you seek to participate in the festivities to the best of…Continue Reading →

The Uncertainty of Science

  For centuries, physicists and engineers alike relied on Newton’s foundational laws of physics. They were infallible and unbreakable – we knew this because no matter what circumstances we observed it in, matter always seemed to obey the natural laws….Continue Reading →

Mid90s: Childood Examined

It’s understood that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a true accomplishment is Mid90s ability to tell 1,000 stories in one motion picture. Jonah Hill’s Mid90s was marketed as a time capsule of Jonah’s childhood, an ode to…Continue Reading →