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74th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

By Alexander Santana


“Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” These were the chilling words that President Franklin D. Roosevelt uttered to a joint session of Congress the day after the tragic and devastating attack that left 2,403 American servicemen killed and 1,178 wounded. Hours after President Roosevelt finished his speech to the nation, the United States Congress declared war on Japan which in turn resulted in Japan’s two allies, Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler, and Fascist Italy by Benito Mussolini, both declaring war on the United States of America.

Today we observe the 74th anniversary with great sympathy and solemnity. We honor those who were viciously killed and all those who later fought to defend this great nation from the nations of evil. After Pearl Harbor, the United States was able to stand united with Great Britain and the Soviet Union and later “set free a suffering humanity” as President Roosevelt would later say in his D-Day prayer on June 6, 1944. The greatest generation fought and sacrificed not only to save the world from the armies of darkness but also to “preserve our republic, our religion, and our civilization.”

We must always thank and honor those who have, are currently, and will in the future fight to preserve, protect, and defend the United States of America and freedom everywhere. May God bless bless them and always give them “strength to their arms, stoutness to their hearts, steadfastness in their faith.”

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