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A Middle-earth Short Story: “Grekko’s Tale” by Eddie Pelaez

The Honors Imaginative Literature class challenges each student to compose a short story that grows the mythical world of Middle-earth created by JRR Tolkien. Below is one of three superior creative pieces. Enjoy.



Grekko’s Tale

By Eddie Pelaez

Here we are, trekking along the mines of Moria. I am not similar to the fellow orcs around me. All they seem to care for is raiding villages and terrorizing anything in sight. The mission today is to raid the mines and take anything we can possibly find. We have been traveling a long way to get these valuables, but I just feel as if there must be more to life. I mean, couldn’t there be more to life than just to cause terror and violence? My older brother, Grekko, has always been the strongest member in our tribe, and then there’s me trying to compete with him. I feel as if everyone around me is just an order taking robot with no conscience.

We arrive to the mines in Moria and there seems to be no sign of life here. There’s plenty of precious stones and weapons lying around though. This loot excites everyone around me, but me, I really could not care less. I pretend to be excited, but Grekko doesn’t really know how I really feel. My brother has always been right by my side my entire life, but as life carried on, all he seemed to care for was serving superiors and doing as he was told. Grekko eventually became one of these “savages” that I am forced to call, my fellow tribe members. Anyway, back to the mine. The mine seems to go on for miles and miles, but it carries on in pitch black. Of course, my brother volunteers to lead the way. Onward we go.

As we walk along, there seems to be a glow in the distance. My fellow tribe members, or the “savages”, arm themselves with their new-found weapons. This is the moment my bother has been waiting for this entire journey, the chance to finally kill. All of a sudden, my brother grabs me by the arm and asks me to join him in, what may be, a possible battle. I, trying to play the hero in this situation, decide to put on a mask of savagery and prepare get into battle. My brother, out of no where, charges into the glow in the distance and notices me behind him, not following his pace. Grekko cases the glow out and realizes it was simply only a torch light on. Grekko confronts me, asking why I didn’t follow his lead. I told him I wanted him to take this one and absorb the glory so he could look like a god amongst the tribe. Grekko, being the arrogant Orc he is, decides to take this as a compliment. He makes me swear that if the opportunity comes to fight, I would be on the front line fighting side by side with him. I have never been more scared in my life.

If you are an Orc, there is a good chance you see some awful things on a daily basis. The way these “savages” conduct themselves is just plain disgusting. I was never really scared of them, but there always one thing I was really scared of. The thing that scares me the most is my brother. When Grekko and I were children, Grekko killed our father because he felt as if he wasn’t worthy enough to be one of us. Ever since Grekko gained this notoriety, he became untouchable, or god-like, in our tribe. Everyone wanted to be like my older brother, but no one ever wanted to be like me..

We finally finish this mine and decide to only go to one more mine before we leave. This mine was on our way out and there seemed to be little danger involved, so I have no complaints. My brother, on the other hand, has a fit. He wants to embark on the more treacherous journey because he felt as if the more dangerous road has a greater reward. The dangerous thing about this mine was that this was the longest mine. None of my other tribe members want to embark on this journey with him, so Grekko threatens to kill everyone and calls everyone a coward. Grekko decides since he’s proved himself to be the strongest in the group, he doesn’t need to prove anything else to anyone. Grekko finally complies and joins us on our journey toward the empty mine.

To my surprise, it seems as if this mine we are now entering has more valuables than we had thought previously. Grekko, once again, pulls me right along his side to accompany him. As we get further and further down the mine, our tribe begins to hear voices. These voices do not appear to sound Orc-like, so the tribe prepares for combat once again. I’ve never taken a life before. All these years, I have been killing birds and spilling the blood all over myself to appear to look savage-like. If my brother would somehow learn this, I would be dead immediately, without any hesitation. The other members of the tribe go off and raid all the valuables within the rest of the mine. Only me and my brother are to rush the dwarves. We are lucky enough to catch them completely off-guard. Blood is everywhere and I am not the cause of any of it. There seems to be only one left alive. I suddenly become curious as to why Grekko didn’t slaughter this last dwarf, due to the fact that he had killed every single last one in the room.

“Here brother, do the honors,” says my brother. This poor dwarf has seen his entire group die in front of his eyes and he was about to be executed last. I do not have the strength in me to commit this malicious act, so I ask Grekko if he could do it. Grekko suddenly senses fear within me and asks why is the dwarf not dead already. I finally find the courage within me to pick up my blade and, in one sudden movement, slice my brothers head off of his shoulders. I finally feel as if I had done something that my father would be proud of me for.



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