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AstroWorld Comes to the 305

After a sleepless couple of days, most of Miami and especially some of the Columbus student body, is still recovering from the hip hop invasion that occupied the city from Sunday through Wednesday night. With Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour making its stop on Sunday, and Drake and Migos’ Aubrey and the Three Amigos Tour coming into town Tuesday and Wednesday after rescheduling from September, I’m sure the Columbus faculty has noticed students appearing even more sluggish than usual. Both concerts seemed to have received amazing feedback from fans. After rescheduling the two day venue from September 21-22 because of the flu, Drake apologized on his Instagram story and promised he had some big things in store. For those who attended, they can definitely attest to that.

For the last three years, Travis teased his album Astroworld and obviously going on tour as a result. After countless twitter posts, Instagram stories showing him in the studio, and posting possible album covers; Travis finally released the long awaited album on August 3, 2018. With an album abundant with features and psychedelic melodies, fans were salivating at the thought of what he had in store for the tour. As his third stop, Miami was exposed to “La Flame’s” intricate requiem for his childhood happy place Six Flags AstroWorld infused with a space motif and his usual adrenaline filled performance style. Rappers Sheck Wes, Trippie Red, and Gunna warmed up the house before the main act.

Pictured is the loop that took a lucky fan as its passenger while Scott sang his hit STARGAZING

After singing some of his old tracks from Days Before Rodeo, Scott disappeared into the stage floor and shortly re-emerged onto the larger stage on the opposite side of the arena. From that stage, Scott sang some of his slower songs such as 90210, Love Galore, SKELETONS, and ASTROTHUNDER. It was in the moments preceding his performance of SKELETONS when Scott gave a shoutout to his “wife” Kylie Jenner because it’s her favorite song. Kylie and Scott are not yet married, but the model turned mother of Scott’s child has been seen sporting a large rock on her ring finger. As result, the crowd went absolutely insane.

The Houston native expressed his love for “H-town” on the opaque curtain that draped over the stage.

Different angles of Scott were also displayed on the curtain that even made the upper deck feel like they were within arm’s reach

In what was probably the most exciting performance all week, Scott brought out Drake for the big win and performed SICKO MODE. It was a complete surprise that left the crowd in awe and a rush of adrenaline.

After the release of his long awaited album Scorpion on June 29, 2018, Drake announced his tour with the infamous Migos. Titled the Aubrey and the Three Amigos tour, it has made its way through most major cities of the US within a four month period.

Drake’s concerts on Tuesday and Wednesday had Miami just as surprised. While on a platform stage that was essentially one huge screen, Drake and Migos left fans mesmerized with the spectacular images displayed. Migos rocked the house playing their hits Get Right Witcha, Bad and Boujee, T-Shirt, and Pipe it Up. Drake came out with a bang, and bounced up and down on stage while performing 8 out of 10. The Toronto native did fulfill his promise of giving Miami a great show as he brought out DJ Khaled, Bad Bunny, DJ Durel, and Lil Wayne. With the surprise features, Drake jammed out to hits like MIA and All I Do is Win.

With the Thanksgiving break approaching, we hope Columbus students will have time to recover from this restless and hip hop filled week.

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