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Brock Osweiler Proves Himself in Miami


Miami Dolphins backup QB Brock Osweiler surprised fans in Sunday’s game putting up great stats and winning the game against a talented Chicago Bears defense.

Before Sunday, the Dolphins had been on a two game losing streak, and seemed to be having trouble getting anything going on offense. Fans hoped that Sunday’s game against the Bears would be the end to their troubles, but once they learned Ryan Tannehill would be out for the game due to a shoulder injury only hours before kickoff, it seemed the game would just be another lost cause.

Replacing Tannehill, fans learned, would be Brock Osweiler, a name unknown to most Dolphins fans, which was already a bad sign. And looking at Osweiler’s stats with past teams wouldn’t make them feel any better either.

Once he signed with the Dolphins this season, Osweiler had already been traded four times in a matter of only six seasons. His previous teams’ choices to let him go are reflected in his past stats, which are riddled with interceptions, mediocre completion percentages, lost games, and poor QB ratings.

Despite his bad overall stats, Osweiler still showed potential in some performances, especially in certain instances where he was called in to relieve or replace the team’s starter mid game. This potential is what Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase saw in the QB during his rookie season with the Denver Broncos in 2012. At the time, Gase was the Broncos QB coach and saw a future in Osweiler despite the team’s eventual decision to trade him.

Gase’s vision of Osweiler’s potential is what would influence his decision to add the QB to the Dolphins roster over the past offseason. It also seems Gase had no trouble deciding that Osweiler should be the one to take over as QB against one of the NFL’s top defenses during Tannehill’s temporary absence.

“He does things the right way,” Gase told NBC. “So I think that puts him in a great position when something like this does happen.”

Based on Osweiler’s incredible performance this weekend, it certainly seems that Gase was correct to see potential in the QB, even when putting him in a tough situation. On Sunday, Osweiler didn’t only have to take charge of a team’s offense that had just come off two tough losses: he had to do it against the league’s best defense, the Chicago Bears.

Despite the odds being against him, Osweiler was able to put on a stunning performance with 380 passing yards for three touchdowns and a 95 QB rating. He topped this off with leading an intense overtime win, and showing Dolphin fans a QB performance they hadn’t seen in a long time.

Through his amazing gameplay on Sunday, Osweiler may have just saved his career from the wastelands of nameless mediocre quarterbacks and proved that he can be a reliable alternative should the Tannehill option not work out in the long term.

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