21st-Century Nostalgia: Culture Stuck in the Past

21st-Century Nostalgia: Culture Stuck in the Past by Nicholas Diaz Top Gun: Maverick, Sour, and NBA 2K23. What do the top-grossing film of 2022, a 2022 Album of the Year nominee, and the most popular […]

Student Loan Debt Crisis

In the United States of America we have a massive student loan problem. As of 2019 the student loan debt has toppled to 1.9 trillion dollars and the debt is only going up. College tuition […]

President Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The United States has become so politically divided between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats have now appointed an impeachment inquiry on President Trump and believe he has violated the national security of the United States […]

The Venezuela Affair

Vice President Mike Pence made headlines yesterday as he told the anti-Maduro protests that they have the United State’s support and that the United States now recognizes Juan Guaidó as the Interim president. A similar […]

Can the NBA All-Star Game Problem ever be solved?

The NBA All-Star game has been historically known for its notorious defense and lackluster competitiveness. Even though it may have the best talent the NBA has to offer, that talent and superstar status doesn’t necessarily […]

Vice Presidential Debate Review

Vice Presidential Debate Review By Franco Luis After the debate last night, it should be clear for us to point out a winner. Governor Mike Pence was able to pull of an excruciatingly important win […]

Clinton and Trump Engage in First Debate

BY FRANCO LUIS · SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 After a night of lies and shouts, the first presidential debate finally finished. Both candidates performed poorly as Hillary Clinton was weak and boring while Donald Trump lied […]

Trump Trumps as Clinton Stumbles

By Franco Luis After a strong week for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, things appear to be getting better for him. His poll numbers originally grew after a surprise meeting with Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. This led many to believe that Donald Trump is everything that Hillary Clinton says he isn’t – diplomatic. But, some different opinions of […]