Under the Microscope: Liechtenstein

Under the Microscope: Liechtenstein By Sven Stumbauer The continent of Europe is home to a hodgepodge of nations with incredible diversity, not just in aspects such as culture, but in size as well. From the […]

Under the Microscope: Monaco

Under the Microscope: Monaco By: Sven Stumbauer Micro-states are some of the most obscure yet fascinating nations that the world has to offer. From small principalities edged between mountains to islands off the coast, these […]

A Farewell to Mr. Lynskey by Mr. David Ulloa

Before I even matriculated at Columbus, I was already familiar with the name John Lynskey. My uncle, an alumnus of the class of 1985, had already given me a list of teachers I had to […]

Seniors Last Wills and Testaments – Class of 2021

I, Dominic Alberty, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Aviles, more creatine and whey protein; to Mr. Ortega, a competent first period calculus class; to Mr. Corazon, a lunch date […]

Karate, a Simple Sport, or Something Greater?

Karate, mainly seen as a form of self defense or a sport, has been gaining a lot of attention with the upcoming Olympics in 2021. Yet is it only just what it seems from the […]

Last Wills and Testaments – Class of 2020

Last Wills and Testaments Class of 2020 I, Maximus Abadin, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Coach Moscoso, a ruler for his attention to detail; to Coach Trujillo, a cot so he […]

Last Wills and Testaments – Class of 2019

LAST WILLS 2019 I, Alejandro Aguerri, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Pino, a state championship and a sub-16 team average; to Mr. Corazon, free phones to collect 24/7; to […]

Books in the CCHS Library: A Clockwork Orange

When’s the last time you were in the Christopher Columbus Library? Better question, why were you there? Were you trying to catch up on some Z’s that your parents didn’t let you get that morning […]

The Graduate: On Visual Storytelling

There are two stories at play in Mike Nichols’ The Graduate: the story that is spoken and the one that is shown. Although this agglomeration is at play in nearly every film, Nichols’ consistently infused his […]