Your Halloween Movie Pick

So Trick or Treating isn’t your thing. And because of Halloween’s unfortunate placement on a Wednesday, partying is no longer an option. Constricted to the confines of your house, you seek to participate in the festivities to the best of…Continue Reading →

9/11 Eye Witness Event

An article by Josep Amiguet Pictures taken by Eric Contreras Paul Ferretti recalls when he was in high school and was in an auditorium listening to the personal  accounts of Pearl Harbor survivors.  Never did he think that he would…Continue Reading →

Ten Years of Iron Man

Ten years ago, on May 2nd, 2008, Robert Downey Jr. took flight into theaters as Iron Man and changed the world of comic book movies forever. Iron Man was not only a well-received stand alone movie, but also initiated the…Continue Reading →

The Archetypes

Is the mind of a newborn a blank slate, waiting to be formed by the stimuli of their experiences as they live? This question has long interested philosophers and psychologists alike, and has even shaped some of the most essential…Continue Reading →