Blackstar ★: The Final Album of David Bowie

Blackstar ★; The Final Album of David Bowie         David Bowie‘s performances have given him a legendary status within the music industry. Up until his death in 2016, Bowie blended gender lines […]

The Golden Road: The Story of the Grateful Dead

The Golden Road: The Story of the Grateful Dead By Francisco Diaz         Over their long tenure of 30 years of concerts and nearly 3000 shows, the Grateful Dead has rendered itself a […]

The Coral Gables Art Cinema

Blocks away from what use to be the Miracle Mile Theatre lies an oasis of indie cinema, prestigious classics, and burgeoning foreign films. This oasis remains untainted from corporatized Hollywood blockbusters regurgitated at a dime […]

On the Oscar Nominations

The Oscars are shaping up to be one of the most conservative and disappointing awards ceremony in recent memory. The recently published nominations are only that more singeing when juxtaposed with last year’s outcomes, with […]

On Disney’s “Live Actions”

  I’ve always held the belief that a film being “okay” is worse than a film being bad. Bad movies seem to encompass their own spheres, and it is in these realms that they voluntarily […]

Stan Lee: The Passing of a True Hero

He was one of the most influential creators of the 20th century and, until now, saw his comic book characters and stories adapted into films, video games, television shows, and made into countless forms of […]

What does it take to be a leader?

  By Neo Gaitan What does it take to be a leader? A leader isn’t someone who looks strong or speaks with boldness. A true leader is someone who does acts not for his own […]