Squires and the World of Service

By Ryan Montoto Over 25 years ago, the Knights of Columbus invited Brother Eladio Gonzalez to create a Catholic service club and be its moderator. Since then, Squires has been dedicated to improving the community through good deeds. According to…Continue Reading →

Trump Trumps as Clinton Stumbles

By Franco Luis After a strong week for Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, things appear to be getting better for him. His poll numbers originally grew after a surprise meeting with Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto. This led many to believe that Donald Trump is everything that Hillary Clinton says he isn’t – diplomatic. But, some different opinions of who was going to pay for the wall surfaced after the…Continue Reading →

Pre-Law Club visits Justice Building

By Alexander Santana On April 12, 2016, the Columbus Pre-Law Club had the opportunity to visit the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building and witness various probation violation hearings. 27 Columbus students were welcomed by Judge Jose L. Fernandez, Columbus Class…Continue Reading →