21st-Century Nostalgia: Culture Stuck in the Past

21st-Century Nostalgia: Culture Stuck in the Past by Nicholas Diaz Top Gun: Maverick, Sour, and NBA 2K23. What do the top-grossing film of 2022, a 2022 Album of the Year nominee, and the most popular […]

Against Likable Art

Against Likable Art by Nicholas Diaz In Aesthetic Theory (written between 1956 and 1959 and published posthumously in 1970), sociologist and philosopher Theodor Adorno, wrote “Foreignness [Fremdheit] to the world is an element of art.” […]

Death Note: Killing Without Consequence

Death Note: Killing without Consequence By Francisco Diaz DISCLAIMER: This article focuses on the television show Death Note NOT the movie with the same title.         In the TV show Death Note, a boy […]

The Uncertainty of Science

  For centuries, physicists and engineers alike relied on Newton’s foundational laws of physics. They were infallible and unbreakable – we knew this because no matter what circumstances we observed it in, matter always seemed […]