I can’t look past tomorrow Cause when think of the future all I see is my sorrow When days to turn to sleepless nights I look to the stars to see the worlds nightlight When I look up at the…Continue Reading →

Drip Drop

Drip drop drip drop. The sink has been stuck on a constant repeat. The beat follows the tempo of the heart the mind the soul. Drip drop drip drop Each drop racing down to splash on the rock hard surface…Continue Reading →


Single tear falls from the face of the Earth; the pain that has lingered in your heart is finally vanquished from all lies, stereotypes, and hypocrites. In life you’ll be faced with many repetitive moments where someone has wronged you;…Continue Reading →


Sirens, bells, and screams force their way through the door, passed the ears and straight to the brain. The violence of the sounds horrifies the man; they get more petrifying each time the man doubts the Father. “For, if you…Continue Reading →


By Alex Valeiras Gleaming rocks sunshine glowing down into the pits one day it will rise again but the fool is confused he shouts with every ounce of his pain ” the sun will never come up again darkness will…Continue Reading →