High Speed Rail in Miami

High Speed Rail in Miami by Joseph Alonso As defined by Cornell Law, high speed rail (HSR) is an “intercity passenger rail service that is reasonably expected to reach speeds of at least 110 miles […]

A MMT Perspective on the Role of Taxes

A MMT Perspective on the Role of Taxes by Nicholas Diaz In the last two decades, a heterodox economic theory called modern monetary theory (MMT) has intrigued many in the United States. This post-Keynesian school […]

Columbus Perspectives on the National Debt 

Columbus Perspectives on the National Debt  by Nicholas Diaz In March of this year, the national debt surpassed an astounding $28,000,000,000,000, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. This debt has serious implications on the […]

US-Iran Tensions Rise After Soleimani Assassination

On January 3rd, Iranian General Qasem Soleimani was killed in an airstrike ordered by President Trump. The strike has caused extremely high tensions between the US and Iran and has already led to consequences.   […]

An Overview of the Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump

President Donald Trump’s impeachment is now more likely than not after the House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment on Friday, December 13. But due to a Republican-controlled Senate, Trump’s presidency will probably not […]

Ethnic Tensions Lead to Humanitarian Crises in China

Historic ethnic tensions between China’s minority Uighur population and majority Han population has led to one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today.   Throughout most of its existence, China hasn’t been on […]

US Withdraws Troops from Northern Syria

Last week, President Donald Trump ordered an almost complete withdrawal of US troops from northeastern Syria. This left the door open for a Turkish invasion against the region’s Kurdish ethnic group, who are US allies.  […]

Student Loan Debt Crisis

In the United States of America we have a massive student loan problem. As of 2019 the student loan debt has toppled to 1.9 trillion dollars and the debt is only going up. College tuition […]

President Trump Impeachment Inquiry

The United States has become so politically divided between Democrats and Republicans. The Democrats have now appointed an impeachment inquiry on President Trump and believe he has violated the national security of the United States […]