The United States Recession Is Inevitable

The United States Economy is going to fall into a recession, the question is not if, but when. In the last several months we have seen an overall decline in the economy and the stock […]

Saudi Oil Attacks have Worldwide Consequences

Last week’s attack on two Saudi oil processing centers had economic consequences that reached far beyond the Middle East.    On September 14, two Saudi oil processing centers were attacked by missiles and a fleet […]

Record-Breaking Wildfires are Threatening the Amazon

This year, fires have engulfed large parts of the Brazilian Amazon causing problems that could reach far beyond the rainforest. Brazilian prime-minister Jair Bolsonaro hasn’t been of much help so far.  As of now, Brazil […]

Andrew Yang: What is the Yang Gang?

  Given the myriad of Democratic primary candidates, a number that seemingly increases as each day goes by, it’s difficult for the many who aren’t in tune with the currently tumultuous political atmosphere to keep […]

A Different Look at the Green New Deal

By Ryan Iglesias While I agree that the current Green Deal proposal in its current is absolutely ludicrous, the proposal in the previous article does overlook some issues, and can definitely be improved in order […]

The New Green Deal Plan

Recently, on the news we have seen many U.S. representatives talk about the environment and how we need to solve this issue. The main one is Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a U.S Representative for New York. She […]

Shutdown Faces Government with Moral Dilemma

For about a month, the US government shutdown has left thousands without pay, and this faces the government with a serious moral dilemma.   If you’ve been following Trump at all for the past few […]