The Top 10 Movies of 2021, Ranked

The Top 10 Movies of 2021, Ranked by Andre Valeron 2021 was a wild year for cinema. The pandemic shifted releases of popular films such as Spider-Man: No Way Home, F9, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse […]

Every 2020 Film, Ranked

Let’s be honest, 2020 was a WILD year. By no means did we think VOD and drive-in theaters would be the new normal, therefore destroying the motivation to go to the cinema itself. Out of […]

Sundance Film Festival: All the Movies I Saw, Ranked

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual festival that many prominent film critics and movie enthusiasts attend in order to catch the “next big thing” cinema has to offer its viewers. This year, I was […]

93rd Academy Awards: Latest Predictions

2020 was rough. Many films that were supposed to headline this awards season such as West Side Story and Dune were promptly postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and blockbuster films that included Black Widow and No […]

Hereditary: An Anatomy and Deconstruction of Grief

“It’s heartening to see so many strange, new faces here today. I know my mom would be very touched, and probably a little suspicious, to see this turnout. So my mother was a very secretive […]

Batman v. Superman: A Misunderstood Masterwork Reanalyzed

In early 2016, famed director Zack Snyder, known at the time for directing hits such as 300 and Watchmen, released the long-awaited sequel to his 2013 DCEU entry, Man of Steel. The film was immediately panned by critics who […]