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CCNN Headed to Nationals in San Diego

By Jake Gonzalez

On Sunday, March 29th, the Christopher Columbus News Network team will depart on a six hour flight to San Diego to compete in the Student Television Network’s National Competition. They will return Easter Sunday, April 5th. The sixteen students who have been picked by Mr. Delgado and Mrs. Hidalgo have been preparing for this National Competition since the beginning of the school year.

The students and moderators of C.C.N.N., Mr. Delgado, Mrs. Hidalgo, and Mrs. Cedeno, will be competing in a number of events designed for full groups and smaller groups.

The first competition will be on Wednesday. The entire team will receive a topic and they must race against a designated time to complete a perfect show.

The next competitions that take place will happen on different days throughout the week for each individual team. Each team will have to perform and create different packages in five different competitions: Commentary, with Andrew Amengor, Javier Busto, and Jose Campanioni; Convention Recap, with Andres Fernandez and Gabriel Gonzalez; Commercial, with Jake Gonzalez, Steven Guas, Esteban Larranaga, Phillip Bootsma, and Connor Price; On the Spot, with Matthew Ley, David Perez, Danny Villanueva, and Sebastion Planas; and, finally, Tell the Story, with Anthony Fernandez and Danyel DeVillers.

Each team is hungry for the National Title, and they can not think of a better gift to bring to Columbus on Easter Sunday.


2 Responses to “CCNN Headed to Nationals in San Diego”

  1. Mr. Crossman says:

    Go get ’em, CCNN LIVE!

  2. Lourdes Cofresi says:

    Good luck!

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