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Columbus Anglers Club First Annual Bass Fishing Tournament


After three long months of hard work Coach Dukes successfully pulled off the Columbus Anglers Club First Annual Bass Fishing Tournament.  The tournament had just over forty entries whom were competing for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the Largemouth Bass and Peacock division and  one sole winner for the Snook division. Placing first in the largemouth division was J.P. Gutierrez, Sebastian Hernandez 2nd and Sean Hodson placed third. In the Peacock division, Christopher Costa placed first, Matthew Patterson second, and Jack Miller took third. The snook bite must have been slow as no one managed to land one for the snook division.


Special thanks goes out our alumni Ignacio Borbolla for being a tournament judge and for supplying the boys with great Florida fishing reading material and buffs from the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida. Officer Gabriel Fernandez from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for also being a judge. Alumni Erick Jimenez for being the DJ.

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