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Columbus Honor Societies Provide Many Opportunites

By Jacob Reis

Christopher Columbus High School is known nationally as an athletic powerhouse. In the past four years, Columbus has had a football, soccer, volleyball, and two baseball teams compete in state championship games, with the 2014 soccer team and 2015 baseball team bringing home state championship rings. But what is often overlooked about Columbus is the service of some of the school’s finest students via the various honor societies in subjects like Social Studies, Math, Science, English, Spanish, and Art. Additionally, students have gone beyond the honor societies to help the community through other clubs like the Patriot Club.

One of the most productive clubs on campus is the National Social Studies Honor Society, also known as Rho Kappa. Rho Kappa members participate in enriching the community in an abundance of ways: inviting guest speakers to Columbus, tutoring students about history and government, and creating infomercials about commemorative days, like Constitution Day or 9/11, for CCNN, just to name a few. Club moderator Ms. McCullagh works countless hours with NSSHS members to help them broaden the community’s knowledge and understanding about Social Studies. Meetings take place after school every Thursday in C-21.

“The Math Honor Society will be offering free math tutoring on Mondays and Wednesdays in C-14.” CCNN plays that same message every morning from Mr. Moro and the finest mathematicians at Columbus who tirelessly help their fellow Explorers achieve greatness in the classroom. While helping students learn an array of concepts, from basic geometry to calculus, Math Honor Society members participate in various math competitions throughout the year. MHS Treasurer Nick Hevia has been a member of the Math Honor Society since freshman year and has been competing since sophomore year. “Competitors need to have a basic understanding of topics that haven’t been taught in the classroom,” he says. “In my first competition, I had to teach myself, with the help of two elder MHS members, integral calculus prior to competing.” Hevia, along with the rest of the “mathletes”, have been quite successful in their competitions, placing 2nd at the Barry University Mathematics Competition.

Taking a rejuvenated, newfound presence at Columbus is the National Science Honor Society headed by Ms. Taylor. Now in her second year at Columbus and second year as moderator of the SNHS, Ms. Taylor has brought about exponential growth to this club, which now has over 80 members. Contributing greatly to the club’s growing presence on campus and in the community is SNHS President Jonathan Aguiar. In addition to organizing after school tutoring in all fields of science, Aguiar has also organized beach clean-ups and other ecological conservation projects. “Sustainability possesses a huge role in the modern world,” he says. “[SNHS’s] primary goal is to get students involved in projects that they can be passionate about.” SNHS welcomes new members and meets every first Wednesday of the month in D-25.

Additionally, students can also receive help proofreading their essays via the Writing Lab, which is run by the National English Honor Society and is open Monday through Thursday in M02. Although the lab technicians/NEHS members do not write the paper for the student, they offer an abundance of revisions and suggestions to make the paper the best that it can be. “C-worthy papers have entered the writing lab, and those same papers have become A-worthy papers by the time they leave the lab,” says Secretary Kevin Nodarse.

Also greatly contributing to the community is the National Spanish Honor Society. While helping both speakers and nonspeakers master a foreign language, SNHS members also culturally enrich the Columbus community via several activities, such as the annual Hispanic Heritage Food Festival. Working with together with the Spanish classes, SNHS represents all Latin countries in the cafeteria with an array of delicious treats. Along with the food, members of the SNHS teach students about the countries from which the food their eating comes from.

Although a newly founded club, the National Art Honor Society has played a significant role in the community. Founded last year by Class of 2016 Silver Knight winner Cesar Santalo with the help of moderator Mr. Eisenburg, NAHS has designed t-shirts to raise money to buy art supplies for kids in need. NAHS has also volunteered to paint murals; one of them can be found at an elementary school in Doral. Santalo passed the torch on to Senior Fernando Perez, who hopes to continue providing excellent service and charity to the community. While membership into these honor societies requires an excellent GPA, that does not stop the rest of the student body from making a difference in the community.

Through the Patriot Club, students raise money and collect food and clothing to help both physically and psychologically disabled veterans. Members of the club come from all academic levels, and the Patriot Club makes the community a better place just as well as the honor societies.

Additionally, the Key Club is one of the most service-oriented clubs on campus. Participating with key clubs from other schools, Columbus’s club has taken on several projects, like fundraisers for breast cancer. The Columbus Key Club has been vastly decorated with many awards for service in the Florida district. Meetings are held every Friday in M-21. There are an abundant of ways in which Columbus helps the community its several honor societies and clubs dedicated to service.

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