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Columbus Resurrects Field Day

Columbus held field day today for the first time in several years. Fun was had by all. The seniors competed against the juniors and the sophomores battled the freshmen in a variety of events held both outdoors and indoors.

The day began with the seniors and juniors reporting to the gym for three events: a drum off, an arm-wrestling tournament, and a three-point shooting contest. The freshmen and sophomores began the day participating in a trivia contest in their homerooms. The trivia contest was created by our own Mr. Cunningham. When the upperclassmen moved on to their first homeroom v homeroom event, the underclassmen went to the gym for their drum-off, arm-wrestling, and three-point shooting.

The outdoor events included touch football, frisbee football, volleyball, baseball played with a tennis ball, kick-baseketball (that’s not a typo), soccer, basketball, mat ball, and, the favorite, dodgeball. The indoor events were iPad contests of Stop, Race Day, Super Stickman Golf 2, and, the favorite, Trivia Crack.

Several concession booths were set up and all proceeds from Field Day will be donated to the Castaways Against Cancer.

Special thanks to Mr. Staiano for being the Grand Poobah of Field Day. He organized all the events and coordinated all the teaching and coaching involved. Thanks also goes to Ms. Perez and Mr. Green for organizing the indoor events. Thanks to Coach Moscoso for organizing the outdoor events and to Mr. Chacon for putting together the schedule for all the homerooms. Last but not least, thanks to Mr. Isenberg for creating the signs for the various events all over campus.

All photos by The LOG.

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