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Columbus Volleyball Rolls to 7 Straight Wins

By Patrick Gatcliffe

With a win last Thursday night over the Coral Park Rams (in 3 sets), Columbus Varsity Volleyball continued their 7 game (21 set) winning streak, and now stand at 7-1 overall.

The Explorers have capitalized on their opportunities against almost every district opponent throughout their season and have built up impressive momentum. The varsity squad has seen the return of several players this season, including Peter Cancio (Sr.), Guillermo Brito (Sr.), Javier Cisneros (Sr.), Nicholas Diaz (Sr.), Eric Palacio (Sr.), Eddy de Arcos (Jr.), and Anthony Taboada (Sr.). Also joining the team is Ignacio Gonzalez (Sr.), Gabriel Campo (Jr.), Javier Alfonso (Jr.), Patrick Gatcliffe (Jr.), Jorge Gonzalez (Jr.), and Alexander Suarez (Jr.). This fresh lineup has demonstrated depth and versatility for the Explorers so far this season. The Explorers began their season with a loss against district rival Ransom, who have demonstrated their serious contention for the district title. From then on, the Explorers rolled over their opponents for 7 straight wins. “Our season has been a bit of an enigma. We had a very inefficient first match when we traveled to defending district champ Ransom, but we gave them a close match,” said 5 year Varsity Coach Greg Villareal. “We are still trying to find out identity…but the boys are still winning…which is what matters at the end of the match.”

The Explorers definitely have their eyes set on the district championship, which eluded them last year in the District Semifinal. However, the Explorers have a arduous road ahead with two tournaments and several out-of-district opponents. So far this season, the Explorers have racked up some impressive numbers. Peter Cancio leads the team with 14 Aces and 84 kills, Patrick Gatcliffe leads in blocks with 13.5, and Anthony Taboada and Gabriel Campo combine with a team leading 226 assists. Guillermo Brito and Javier Cisneros (OH) have also contributed to the teams wins with 48 and 49 kills, respectively. Defensive specialists include Eddy de Arcos and Ignacio Gonzalez.

The Explorer Volleyball program has achieved great success in the past, including four trips to the State Tournament. Only time will tell if this year’s varsity squad can etch their place in history.


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