About ten months ago, the Patriots were facing the Dolphins in Miami. Before the game, Tom Brady’s record was 7–9 in Miami over his entire career. The Patriots were still expected to win, though. They had a record of 8–4 going into the game, while Miami went 3–6 after the first weeks of the season. Miami wasn’t expected to be any good in the 2018 season, and the Patriots were still Super Bowl Contenders.

Anything can happen, though. There were 8 seconds left on the clock, and the Dolphins were trailing 33–28. With enough time left for one more play, Ryan Tannehill threw a pass to Kenny Stills, who lateraled the ball to DeVante Parker, who tossed the ball to Kenyan Drake, who ran the ball 52 yards for a touchdown. The Dolphins won 34–33.

This play was known as the “Miracle in Miami.” It was a great time to be a Dolphins fan. They upset one of their biggest rivals in a home game and still had a chance to sneak into the postseason.

The Dolphins then proceeded to go 0–3 to finish the season and missed the playoffs.

The Miami Miracle signified a time of hope for Dolphins fans. The team was average, but at least they weren’t the worst. Since the Miracle in Miami, the Dolphins have not won a single game. Not including preseason, the team has gone 0–7 in every single game they’ve played. But don’t worry Dolphins fans, because this losing streak is intentional.

Since March, the Dolphins have made six trades, including trading Tannehill and Stills. Because of this, the Dolphins now have 12 picks for the 2020 Draft, including three first-round picks.

It’s clear that the team is tanking, despite what head coach Brian Flores has told reporters. The Dolphins have been ranked as the worst team in the NFL every week of Bleacher Report’s power rankings. Through four weeks, the Dolphins have allowed 163 points.

The Dolphins aren’t bad, they’re horrible. The quarterback with the lowest passer rating in the entire league is their QB, Josh Rosen. Rosen also has the lowest completion percentage in the league, and the Dolphins have thrown the most interceptions this year at seven. These mistakes might not be entirely his fault, though. A faulty offensive line has contributed to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen being sacked 18 times this season, which puts the team at 3rd place in sacks allowed.

The Dolphins aren’t just bad at passing, they’re bad at running the ball too. Miami has the 3rd lowest passing yards in the NFL and 4th lowest rushing yards. This stat is evident when you realize that the Dolphins have only scored 26 points in the past four weeks.

Not only do the Dolphins give up an incredible amount of points, but they also can’t score on the other end. It’s unbelievable how Miami can have the worst offensive linemen in the league and the worst defensive linemen as well.

In the ESPN Fantasy Sports app, the outlook for the Dolphins Defense & Special Teams after Week 1 stated:

“Why are you reading this? Just for fun?”

ESPN was right. After allowing 59 points in Week 1, the team then gave up 43 points the next week. The Dolphins can’t catch a break, whether it’s on the field or in fantasy football.

The Miami Dolphins are bad now, but it sets them up nicely for the future. The Dolphins are clearly fighting for that 1st overall pick, which can get them Tua Tagovailoa, the best quarterback in college. This can fix some of the problems they have on offense, and even if the Dolphins are still bad next year, they will probably be more fun to watch.

It may be hard to watch the Dolphins go 0–16 this year, but don’t worry, next year they will go 2–14.

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