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Dribble, Dribble, Pass: CCHS Basketball Gears Up

By Joseph Seara

With baseball season ending and Dolphins fans praying for an 8-8 record while simultaneously seriously thinking they can beat the Patriots – it must be the start of basketball. Alley-oops, no-look passes, and deep three pointers will be filling SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays until early June whether you like it or not. While it’s unlikely their plays will make SportsCenter, I decided to take an inside look into the start of the Columbus Varsity Basketball season.

The Columbus Basketball program has seen many changes over the years, but one thing remains consistent: hard work. Compared to largely senior dominated teams in the past, this year we see a good mix of seniors, juniors, and even a couple of sophomores. “We don’t have that one superstar, it’s a group effort and we have great chemistry,” says starting center Angel Sosa. Ball movement, open shots, and tough defense are the main points of emphasis going into this season. With a tough district, and a long road to the postseason, “Taking it one game at a time is key,” says senior Jose Más. With a less experienced team, patience is essential. Never getting too far ahead is easier said than done, especially with the ever-looming rivalry game against Belen come January. It’s more than just bragging rights, according to junior guard Gabriel Figueredo, the experience, “the atmosphere, and size of the crowd” is truly a scene in itself. Although I’m sure the experience alone might satisfy some, this group is different. Since the start of the summer they’ve dedicated countless hours for the greater good of the team. What some might call “sacrifice” they call part of the process. Mentally and physically this team is ready for whatever is thrown their way. While ups and downs are inevitable, with attention to detail and consistent hustle on the court, this team is poised to make a run in the postseason.

The Explorers varsity season starts next Thursday, November 12, with the annual Explorers Classic tournament here in our gym.

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  1. Nick Treptow says:

    Great article Joey, Go Dolphins

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