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Explorers Basketball Team Season Ends

Last Tuesday night a very confident and uptempo CCHS basketball team took a tough loss to the South Miami Cobras in the District Semi-final game.

Although the Explorers lost to the Cobras earlier in the season, it was a close game, and the Explorers were determined to send the Cobras home early this year.

The Cobras started the game popping three pointers with ease, and didn’t slow down. However, Columbus was not beat without a challenge.

The Explorers brought the game within 10 points at one point in the third quarter, but the Cobras stellar shooting ability was an overload for the Explorers.

Columbus is losing valuable players this year. Three year varsity starters Dante Pace and Nygel Brooks will be graduating this May, along with shooting sensation Guille Vento. On the other hand, the Explorers returning will have a fire to return to the district tournament stage burning in them through the offseason. Sebastian Vidal, Alex Perez, and other juniors will return next year and will be sure not to upset Explorer basketball fans.

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