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Sirens, bells, and screams force their way through the door, passed the ears and straight to the
brain. The violence of the sounds horrifies the man; they get more petrifying each time the man
doubts the Father.
“For, if you believe in me and I will grant you eternal life and an abundance of treasures!” The Father says. The man with a strong and mighty yelp replies,
“How must I believe in you when your own faith is filled with hypocrites? You claim to have a body of followers that love and make peace, but go from town to town forcing religious beliefs that make you feel “normal”. I will not fall towards these lies, for the strength which lies inside of me will not be allowed to be so cowardly influenced by society’s false sense of self; not knowing whether if it is actually the right path, we will never know – since your life is your “own” path. We look to the sky and rebel to the Highest, and make known that we are in pain. Don’t think he doesn’t look at you because he does; he grants you strength and patience when you question yourself with your mind’s eye.
Faith is the greatest thing a man can have, not wealth. The belief in the One is the
most admirable gift since all that you hear is not to believe and to fall into temptation. The darkness is
surrounding you, but don’t chain yourself to these indictments – that you aren’t a beautiful soul and not worthy
of having love in your life.
The loud sirens, bells, and screams seem to get lower the more the man believes, but a woman
in a robe with voice of silk and a fragile heart whispers,
“Do not fear me, I am here to show you that everything is at ease. You are no longer under the spell of temptation. I will always be there to catch you.”
The sounds fade away, the man is in his own oasis of silence and opens his eyes and sees.

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