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First Thoughts on The Punisher Season 2: Starting a Story with a Bang

After watching the first episode of Netflix’s The Punisher Season 2, my excitement in continuing the series is only growing. The first episode is a great example of how any Marvel Netflix series should begin. While some of the Marvel shows in the past have had very slow first episodes, Episode 1 of The Punisher’s second season, titled “Roadhouse Blues,” is a perfect mix of an interesting story and exciting action.

In many ways, “Roadhouse Blues” has a very similar flow to the first episode of Season 1, titled “3AM.” This makes sense, seeing that they were both written by Steve Lightfoot. Both episodes start with a short hint of action, followed by a more character driven segment. The focus then becomes more centered on Frank Castle trying to live a normal life, which allows viewers to see the humanity in the Punisher that becomes more obscured when he goes on missions, where he becomes a cold and calculating soldier. By the time the episode is reaching its halfway mark, Castle reverts to his vigilantism, not being able to stand by and watch while crime is committed toward innocent lives. This cyclical nature of Frank Castle shows that he is most likely unable to remove himself from war and violence after his service in Afghanistan.

Once danger arrives towards the end of the episode, The Punisher gives us more of the great action we’ve come to expect in the series. The action scenes in this first episode are what truly hook viewers, as the fights are choreographed to look fast, realistic, and in Punisher’s case, extremely brutal. Each of the Marvel heroes we’ve seen on Netflix seem to have their own unique fighting styles, and Frank Castle uses anything in his vicinity as a weapon. Similar to the character’s morals, The Punisher will use any means necessary to win a fight.

Overall, as long as the show maintains the pace that the first episode set up, The Punisher Season 2 has potential to be the most exciting and action-packed new series on Netflix, and the continuing development of Frank Castle’s character is also something to look forward to. While it’s unfortunate that Daredevil, the uncontested best of the Marvel shows has been cancelled, it’s good to see Netflix still releasing great superhero content, and I hope the rest of the season is even better.

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