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The Force Awakens: A Brief Annual Perspective

Exactly one year ago, the hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was at its peak. Everyone from the cast members to people watching a Star Wars film for the first time were talking about their theories and expressing their excitement.


What made audiences around the world especially excited for the film was that they would see familiar faces returning along with fresh faces to reintroduce the Star Wars galaxy. Once the film came out, a review of the movie could be summed up with four simple words: “Star Wars is back.”

Not only did Star Wars: The Force Awakens get fans, young and old, excited for the next movie, it also made people want to do Star Wars related things. Whether it was to play games, rewatch old movies, or read books, people became invested with the material that comes from a galaxy far, far away throughout 2016.

Now December arrives again. Although fans have no leads for how the next part of the story will be, hundreds of theories have been speculated upon, the “fresh faces” from The Force Awakens are now fan-favorites, and the new games are available based off of the new source material.

Star Wars has united families and friends in the last year. The idea that was started off by George Lucas is now the center franchise for many fans around the world. After The Force Awakens turns a year old, it’s safe to say that the new movies are going continue to have a great impact on the society of fans for a long time.

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