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Single tear falls from the face of the Earth; the pain that has lingered in your heart is finally vanquished from all lies, stereotypes, and hypocrites. In life you’ll be faced with many repetitive moments where someone has wronged you; to you it’s infallible that you could forgive them for making the error that all humans have which is: we’re not perfect. It’s up to you… and only you to make that remarkable trait that is also instilled in each human which is: forgiveness. The life that we all live isn’t supposed to be easy because if it was then we would never learn valuable lessons from our own mistakes; not only should you use the mistakes you’ve made as a foundation for your personality and life, but make it a foundation to teach other people the value of that mistake and why you had to make it to be able to learn. Don’t linger on how they wronged you but stress on building that relationship again; even if it may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do, it’s worth it in every way possible.

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