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Good Ol’ Charlie Brown!: A Review of The Peanuts Movie

By Matthew Rembold


Who doesn’t love Peanuts? Since the first comic strip 65 years ago, Charlie Brown and the gang have been adored by audiences every where. Now, they’re back in an all new adventure that is sure to charm and entertain. This is The Peanuts Movie.

The story follows Charlie Brown as he encounters his first crush, the Little Red Haired Girl. With help from his loyal dog, Snoopy, Charlie Brown must find a way to impress his crush, while not acting like a blockhead at the same time.

This film is not trying to be special. Instead, it plays out exactly how you’d expect it to. Charlie Brown still tries to fly his kite, Snoopy still flies his dog house against the Red Baron, and Schroeder still plays his piano. The movie smartly does not attempt to modernize the characters in anyway. No iPads or Twitter here, just kids having fun which leads to you having fun watching their misadventures.

The voice acting is great throughout. Never do the kids voicing the characters not sound like the classic toons. Using sound bytes from the original Snoopy’s and Woodstock’s voice, Bill Melendez, also is a nice treat for fans of the specials.

Little details like the sound bytes, or knocking down the frame rate of the characters to make them appear as if they were moving like they did in the original cartoons are the little details that make the film. Not only is the story charming, but the painstaking attention to detail adds to the film in the best of ways.

The Peanuts Movie’s  story works not only on a level for children to understand, but also for adults to enjoy as well. The whole family will be thoroughly entertained as the film is tailored to both the parents and the kids.

With loads of nostalgia, a charming story, and attention to the littlest of details make this a charming and heart warming movie. It feels like a grand Peanuts special that you never want to end. I highly recommend this to anyone, old and young.

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