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Gru’s Little Pals Get Their Own Movie: A Review of Minions

By Matthew Rembold

It seemed inevitable that the lovable yellow minions from the popular Despicable Me movies would get to star in their own film. They stole just about every scene they were in and their popularity is very apparent by the amount of merchandise based on them and of course this film. A question is brought up, however. Can they hold their own for a whole movie? Or are they better suited as in the small comedic relief roles as they were in the original movies?
The basic premise of this movie is that the group of Minions have been roaming the earth since the beginning of time in search of a master to serve. This can’t be just any master, however, this master must be the most despicable person on earth. After going through a series of bosses and finding no success, the Minions are left aimless. It falls upon three brave Minions to venture out into the world and discover a new evil master.

Now as I said before, this movie was bound to happen. The popularity of the Minions has only grown since the original Despicable Me hit theaters. But in reality, these little guys probably should have stayed as just the very funny side characters they were created to be. They are definitely much better in smaller doses than stretched out into an hour and a half movie. Now that’s not to say this movie is bad, or that the Minions are annoying. Not at all. In fact it’s very enjoyable to see them even more, but the sad fact is, their charm is eventually lost when you’re watching them for so long. You eventually get used to their humor because their humor is all you’ve seen in the movie. That’s why they worked much better in the orientalist movies. Instead of seeing them the whole time, the lovable Minions were only shown to break up what was going on with Gru and to provide comedic relief. In this one they are just there to be funny the whole movie. Sometimes the humor works very well and sometimes it just isn’t as funny as the first time you saw it.
The story is a very basic one, the voice acting isn’t anything remarkable, but it isn’t bad by any means either, and the humor works for most of the movie, but eventually isn’t as funny. The Minions were stretched just a little too far in this one. This movie is clearly more geared for kids than the other two were. The other two had more of a family friendly and for all ages feel to them. Adults and children could enjoy the heartfelt adventures of Gru, his daughters, and of course the Minions. This one though is obviously more for kids than anything else. Adults won’t hate it, but they won’t love it either.
In the end Minions is a pretty enjoyable film, with some good comedic moments. It falls a little flat towards the end, the voice acting isn’t out of this world, and the characters were just stretched a little to far. If you want to take a child to go see this, it’ll be perfect for them. As for adults, if you aren’t a big fan of the minions already, this one probably won’t change your mind. In the end it just depends on how big a fan you are.

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