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By Javi Trujillo

One day out of every three hundred sixty five, plastic wrapped formations of sucrose dazzled in layer after layer of more and more of itself bring in congregations of pre-adolescent human beings (and older ones too – no judgement) to neighborhood door steps. Cultivating at front doors as if the homeowner moon lighted as the leader of a cult, and possible sugar over dose was promised.


On Halloween, many costumed citizens leave their houses in search of various holy grails. Whether it be a bucket of candy (unbeknownst to them comprised of mostly leftovers from the year before), or perhaps buckets with different contents all together (once again – no judgement). All the same, it’s largely loved, and largely disliked. As someone who isn’t fond of the holiday all that much, and calling it a holiday is me being gracious, there’s one thing that makes it more bearable for me, creativity. Perhaps you’re reading this and you’ve been hitting the gym recently. Those funhouse mirrors they use in there have led you to believe you can pull off costume outfits that exist for the s(w)ole reason of showing off your alleged muscular physique. You may see something good in it, and that’s dandy, but the rest of society just sees a vague attempt of somebody trying to dress like a Spartan or for the truly creative, “The Shirtless Man.” I ask, if this strikes you at the core, that you try to land a costume with originality and not to be “that guy.”

If this concept is really that much of a brain buster to you I present an option: garage sales and Goodwill hold within them a plethora of garments (which is fancy speak for ‘a lot of stuff’) from past decades that people haven’t seen since, and this generation will just accept it and register it as new and cool much like the reboot blockbuster movies that come out every other month. With this I leave you, and remind you, with great pointless holiday excuse to dress like your idols and alter egos, comes great responsibility to try and do it well.

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