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Ichiro Suzuki Calling it a Career?

This past week one of the greatest hitters of all time decided to call it a career… sort of. Ichiro Suzuki, the first Japanese baseball player, has taken on a new role in the Mariners front office after batting .205 in the first month of the 2018 season. As of now, Ichiro is not retired but at the same time he’s not an active player on the roster. Quite possibly this arrangement was made so that next year when the Mariners open up their 2019 season in Japan, Ichiro will be able to play one last time in front of his home crowd.

Despite being 44 years old and not coming into the league until 28 years old, Ichiro Suzuki has one of the most remarkable careers in baseball history. He stands as the only player with ten straight 200+ hit seasons. On top of that, he is apart of the 3000 hit club which only has 31 members in it over 100 years of baseball. Other parts of his Hall of Fame resume include Rookie of the year and MVP in 2001. Throughout the rest of career he earned 2 batting titles which is awarded to the player with the best batting average and 3 silver sluggers which is awarded to the best offensive player per position. Defensively, Ichiro made a name for himself with his iconic throw on April 11, 2001 as well as 10 Golden gloves which is the award for the best defensive player in their position. If at the end of this year Ichiro decides to retire, he will be eligible for the Hall of Fame by 2022 and if he continues to play who knows why other accolades  he may acquire…perhaps a World Series title.

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  1. Alex Galvez says:

    What a pleasure it has been to have had Ichiro as part of the Marlins! He is one of my young son’s favorite players now. Thanks for the great write-up!

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