The Downfall of the SAT

Since before most can remember, the SAT has played a crucial role in getting into college, and heavily influences the decisions of admissions counselors. However, due to the rise in tutoring, the test no longer offers an equal opportunity for…Continue Reading →

AstroWorld Comes to the 305

After a sleepless couple of days, most of Miami and especially some of the Columbus student body, is still recovering from the hip hop invasion that occupied the city from Sunday through Wednesday night. With Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour making…Continue Reading →

Columbus Band: Veterans Weekend Tour

This past Veterans Day weekend, the Columbus Band had four outstanding performances at Friday night’s playoff game, the St. Timothy Fair, the Miami Beach Veterans Day Parade, and at Arbetter’s for the annual Dr. Burrus Day. Led by Mr. Cooper,…Continue Reading →

Your Halloween Movie Pick

So Trick or Treating isn’t your thing. And because of Halloween’s unfortunate placement on a Wednesday, partying is no longer an option. Constricted to the confines of your house, you seek to participate in the festivities to the best of…Continue Reading →

The Uncertainty of Science

  For centuries, physicists and engineers alike relied on Newton’s foundational laws of physics. They were infallible and unbreakable – we knew this because no matter what circumstances we observed it in, matter always seemed to obey the natural laws….Continue Reading →

Mid90s: Childood Examined

It’s understood that a picture is worth a thousand words. But a true accomplishment is Mid90s ability to tell 1,000 stories in one motion picture. Jonah Hill’s Mid90s was marketed as a time capsule of Jonah’s childhood, an ode to…Continue Reading →