Baby Driver: In Thought and Action

I’ll watch anything directed and written by Edgar Wright. Wright has steadily produced hit comedies which feature artistic choices in favor of austere, low brow directing. Any summer blockbuster comedies can display this unornamented directing: nothing special, no significance behind…Continue Reading →

Andrei Tarkovsky: Long Takes

In my first instances of Russian director, Andrei Tarkovsky, he was only depicted as a side piece to a different director or a genre. Tarkovsky masterpiece Solaris wasn’t described as a masterpiece but as “the soviet response to 2001: A…Continue Reading →

Diogenes the Dog

When one thinks of a philosopher, one might imagine a bearded professor writing long, perplexing passages within the depths of his study. Or, maybe a classy, French existentialist speaking futilely over a cup of coffee in a cafe overlooking the…Continue Reading →