The Parable of the Writer and the Thinker

15 November 2017

There is the one who thinks… and the one who writes.

Two beings emerged from their places of residence.

“What do you do in your life?” one said. “Ah yes, do you not know? I am the One Who Thinks, and thinking is all I do,” said the other. “Well, if you are the One Who Thinks, then I am the One Who Writes. For indeed, I do think. But I write down my thoughts so that others may think along with me.”

The Thinker gasped. “How inefficient! What is the point of writing when you can think all day long? And who are you to want to share your thoughts if others may steal them?”

“That is very true,” the Writer began, “but then what is the point of thinking if your thoughts remain isolated from the world? Is it not our duty to share our thoughts if we believe they will impact the world in a great way? Writing and thinking are not mutually exclusive. In fact, aren’t they useless without the other?”

Feeling disrespected, the Thinker exclaimed, “This is nonsense! You shall see the outcome of my work soon enough! I do not need to write or share my thoughts with anyone, for I am the Thinker!” And the Thinker marched back to his place of residence.

Years passed, and both beings had vanished.

And although the Thinker thought great thoughts, the world knew none of them.

For it was the Writer who took the time to share his ideas with the world.

It was the Writer who impacted humankind.

The Writer…

the one everybody now knows.

-Jesus Capo Jr


Jesus Capo is a junior at Christopher Columbus High School who writes about his thoughts and ideas which allow his readers to think differently about a variety of topics. To view more of his work on his personal blog, visit

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