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The Park is Open: A Review of Jurassic World

By Matthew Rembold


Fans of Jurassic Park have been waiting for a good sequel for almost twenty-two years. The second film received a mediocre reception by most fans, while the third entry in the franchise was dismissed completely by almost everyone. Now, a fourth attempt to return to the park is here, but the question remains: Can it live up to the legacy of its predecessor?

In short, yes. Jurassic World is the sequel fans have been waiting for, and while it might not be as great as the original film, it’s still a very enjoyable time at the movies this summer. Jurassic World is what any basic summer blockbuster should be. It’s fun, action packed, funny at times, and fun to watch.

While there isn’t much in the way in terms of character development, the characters aren’t why people go to see this movie. While there are a few good characters like Chris Pratt as Owen, the dinosaurs are the main event in this picture, and there are dinosaurs a plenty.
The general plot of the film is that the head of the new Jurassic World theme park are noticing a decline of interest in the dinosaurs, who are now commonplace in this movie. In response to this, a new, genetically engineered dinosaur called the Indominous Rex is created. When the new dinosaur escapes however, the attendees of the park are put in danger and the movie takes off.

The story is a very basic monster movie, but a good monster movie at that. As mentioned before, there isn’t much in the way of character development, but the characters are entertaining to watch nonetheless. Chris Pratt is great to watch on screen and Bryce Dallas Howard is a good companion to Pratt. Aside from them however, other characters didn’t stand our or stood out for the wrong reasons.

Another complaint is that there is some what of a lack of focus on the plot. The best plot is the main one dealing with Pratt chasing after the creature. When the movie shifts focus to other side plots however, it’s a jarring change and not as interesting.

Aside from those complaints, the film is very enjoyable overall. There are several intense and well set up action sequences, the CGI used for the dinosaurs works pretty well, and it provides a very fun summer blockbuster. Fans of the original will also like some of the references made to the other films. Overall, Jurassic World is a satisfying sequel for the franchise, and while it may not be as great as the first film, it still packs a serious punch.

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