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Recap of Cotto Vs. Canelo and Miura Vs. Vargas

By Norman Valenzuela

It was a truly great night for boxing fans around the world on Saturday, as they got to experience two great fights, which no doubt, kept them on the edge of their seats. The Co-main event was between Japanese champion, Takashi Miura, and Mexican contender, Fransisco Vargas. The main event of the evening was between defending Puerto Rican champion, Miguel Cotto, and Mexican contender, Canelo Alvarez.

In my opinion, I thought that the Miura Vs Vargas fight was the better of the two, and I’m pretty sure most viewers would agree with me. The fight began and continued strong the entire way through, with Vargas almost knocking out Miura in the first round with a strong right hook to the head. Somehow, Miura managed to maintain his balance and was able to continue. From round 2 and onward, however, things just began to go from bad to worse for Vargas. Both men managed to exchange body shots, but Miura was throwing his punches harder, and it was evident that Vargas was letting down his guard and protecting a very swollen right eye. In the 4th round, Miura managed to knockdown Vargas. Although Miura kept battering Vargas’ right eye, he couldn’t come up with a solid punch to KO him for good. The tables started to turn as Vargas began wearing out Miura with more power shots to the body and critical hits to Miuras’ left eye. By the 8th to 9th round it was clear that both men were exhausted. The 9th round however gave Vargas the victory by a TKO, as he came out swinging from the opening bell, taking no caution of getting hit himself. The aftermath of the fight left both men shaken up, especially Vargas, who had a black and blue right eye in addition to his title belt.


Although this was a Co-main event, viewers were doubtful that the actual main event would live up to the high quality fight they had just seen. Miura VS Vargas is in the running for Fight of the Year. If you get the chance, I recommend watching it, as it was definitely one of the greatest comeback fights I have ever seen!

As for the main event, it was a decent performance, but did not live up to the hype that Miura Vs. Vargas had. The main event was Cotto Vs. Canelo. The fight lasted all 12 rounds and showcased the endurance of both fighters. The fighters could not have been any more diverse when it came to personal statistics, as Canelo Alvarez is 25 years old, while Miguel Cotto is 35, a ten year difference. However, Cotto, a 5-time champion, and veteran of the sport, looked in the best shape of his life, fighting against the rookie Canelo. It actually looked as if their ages were switched. Throughout the entire fight, both men exchanged blows, with their proper fighting styles. Cotto seemed to be the aggressor during the fight, with a more “bouncy” style, jumping in quickly to give Canelo a few jabs, and then right back out. This was partly because Canelo was stationary almost the entire fight, waiting for the right moments to give Cotto power punches to the head and body. Both men were the best fighters from their respective countries. They both put up a good fight and were equal when it came to skill, however, during the last 3 rounds, it looked as if Canelo was making more contact and giving harder punches to Cotto, while Cotto, was becoming a little more sloppy and lackadaisical.

In the end, Canelo won the fight by unanimous decision. Many people debate whether Cotto should’ve won, but I believe that Canelo deserved the win. After the fight, Canelo said to reporters, ” I respect Cotto very much, but it is my era now.”


Both of these fights were great, and definetly worth every cent. Now boxing fans around the world are anticipating who will be the next opponent to face Vargas, and Canelo.

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