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Sad Ending to a Good Year for the Miami Heat

Every great thing must come to an end and it seems that the Heat season has been cut short by the Philadelphia 76ers. The last three games of the series have had the same story as the first with the Heat controlling the game the first half and falling apart the second.

With this final loss, Pat Riley, The Godfather, goes to work on the 2018 offseason. At this time it is known that we are pursuing a trade with Hassan Whiteside. The idea is to drop his contract for cap space and pursue a big talent such as Paul George, Lebron James, or Demarcus Cousins. On the other hand, just as Riley assembled the current team from many no name players, he may pursue role players such as Jabari Parker or Andre Drummond who can be the finishing touches and replace the playoff absent Whiteside. It is unclear the direction of the franchise at this time although one thing is for certain, Pat Riley always has something up his sleeve.

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