I, Dominic Alberty, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Aviles, more creatine and whey protein; to Mr. Ortega, a competent first period calculus class; to Mr. Corazon, a lunch date with Warren Buffet, and students who don’t have their hands in their pockets; to Mr. Baez and Mr. McKeon, a decent Giants draft class for once; to Mr. Hermida, a safe beach bash for Sean Mendez; to Mr. Moro, students that actually watch the videos; to Dr. Dugard, clean shaven and awake students; to Coach Morrissey, a faceoff guy that can actually pick up a ground ball and pass. Thanks coach for making this year a memorable lacrosse season despite all the drawbacks to this year; to Mr. Connell, a new cowboy hat; to Mrs. Mallafre, presenters that don’t laugh at least once while presenting; to Mr. Linfors, a meet and greet with Gandalf himself; to Mr. Cooper, (Well I’m not sure what you haven’t done or haven’t produced with, so I’m drawing a blank here), a new Saxophone?; toMr. Parsons, the end of Quizlet’s existence. Thank you to all these teachers and those not mentioned for making my Columbus experience something to remember for the rest of my life.

I, Giancarlo Alfonso, being of sound, mind, and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr.Linfors, students that actually enjoys Hamlet; to Mr.Aviles, a new desk and a championship for the Dolphins; to Mr.Rodriguez, a pinky brace and a championship for the Celtics; to Mrs.McCullagh, a trip to Washington D.C.; to Mrs.Taylor, a plastic water bottle; to Mr. Nesser, a built in coffee machine on his desk; to Mr. Croke, a pipe so he can “put it in the pipe and smoke it” and a new hip; and finally, to Mr. Lynskey, a Class of 2025 that isn’t a bunch of buffoons. To the rest of Columbus, thank you for 4 years of memories, all of which shaped me into the person I am today. 

I, Ryan Amador, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mrs. Foyo, my everlasting respect and gratitude for freshmen year in your algebra 2 class, you were one of, if not the best math teacher I ever had; to Mr. Hermida, appreciation for your undying drive to teach; to Mr. Linfors, my thanks for instilling in me a passion for creative writing that I didn’t even know I had; to Mr. Baez, indebtedness for being a true friend and mentor; to Mrs. Adriana Amador, Mr. Richard Amador, and Mr. Randall Amador, love and respect for guiding me through my high-school years, and for always being there for me and helping carry me forward; to Mr. Crossman, for being able to teach in way that I truly enjoyed; to Mr. Davis, my admiration for your top tier teaching methods as well as your friendly and interactive class setting; to Mr. Daniel Rodriguez, my sincere thanks for a great freshmen year in your English class; to Mr. Croke, Mrs. Mallafre, Mr. Kumer, Mr. Frazier, and Mr. Cantor, thank you for a great sophomore year; to Mr. Khan-Roberts, thank you for attempting to teach me Spanish, I truly enjoyed your class and you as a teacher; to Mrs. Acevedo, Mr. Connell, Mr. Dugard, and Mr. Dukes, thank you for an amazing junior year; to Mr. Ortega, Mr. Ciocca, and Ms. Taylor, thank you for teaching me till the end even amidst this crazy year we had; in conclusion thank you to all my teachers, you have truly been a gift to me and have made this a great four years at Columbus, I wish you all the best. 

I, Amaury Amarante, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Benitez, may you eat unradiated food but remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger; to Brother Tom, may you continue to have an outlet for student every Tuesday and you by definition live the Marcellin Champagnat way; to Ms. McGrath, I hope that your entire room one day is filled with memories of photos for the years to come; to Mr. Harriman, that you finally get your Disney trip you’ve been asking for, or maybe even a keys run to compete head to head with papo on the wakeboard; to Mr. Isenberg, may you continue to lead others by good examples, a great teacher, and father; to Sra. Gonzalez, that my children break the chain of the Amarantes basuras list record; to Mrs. Reynaldo, thank you for sitting down everyday and hearing me talk to you about nonsense; to Mr. Chacon, may you never have to take a bunch juniors to New York City and take care of them, even though you know you had a good time; to all the Brothers, thank you for the efforts you’ve put to keep the brotherhood alive, I’m honored to have met and established a relationship with some of you and thank you guys for showing us what it means to have a “brother”; to Columbus, thank you for having a safe place for us, a place for us to grow and establish relationships with each other, I am forever in debt for this place called Columbus. 

I, Samuel Anderson, being sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Br. Felix, a door stopper; to Mr. Linfors, a years supply of lembas bread; to Mr. Busatto, a lifetime subscription to the Microsoft Office Suite; to Mr. Ciocca, 13 McDoubles; to Mr. Hermida, a cease and desist from the HOA; to Mr. Lynskey, an overhead bridge above 87th; to Mr. Cooper, a signed copy of Kenny G’s compilation album Kenny Fix It? Yes He Ken!; to Mr. Larrubia, a supercomputer built purely to start up NetBeans in under an hour; to Mr. Croke, 2 tickets to the next Coconut Grove Art Festival; to Ms. Taylor, a lasso and steed (with a cup holder for reusable bottles); to Mr. Morrissey, a mug with the words “Ay I’m walkin’ here!” printed on the front.

I, Matthew Balsera, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Corazón, not screaming minus eighty at anymore students, and to Mr. Santa Maria, for allowing me to laugh more than actually learn. 

I, Brandon Bazo, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. O’Neil you really made Columbus a game changer and I greatly thank you for that.

I, Gabriel Bringas, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Santamaria – may we catch up on Marvel often; I will miss Mr. Corazon’s voice not allowing me to sleep; to Mr. Frazier, for making math fun and reminding us to not take life too seriously. Thank you to all the teachers and staff that have guided me these last 4 years. Thank you to Coach Stewart for helping me love soccer again. Thank you to Brother Herb for taking care of me. To all the teachers – thank you for having patience with all of us and for all you have taught us. 

I, Nelson Cabral, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Oses, a can of Monster; to Mr. Parsons, a leather jacket; to Mr. Rodriguez, a Celtics jersey; to Mr. Pelegrin, a swear jar; to Mr. Frazier, a new minivan; to Mr. Croke, a beer; to the Santa-Maria brothers, the entertainment you guys provided for me; to Mr. Saavedra, not a good SAT score; to Mr. Morrissey, a box of donuts; to Mr. Isenberg, a portrait; to Mr. Kumer, memories of Pedro; and to Mr. Lynskey, a cross at the crosswalk.

I, Kevin Calonge, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Frazier, a full block period just to share videos of your kids with your students; to Brother John, an unlimited supply of candy and my senior ID to add to your collection; to Deacon Dugard, a wallet sized photo of me to keep with you always; to Mr. Bowman, a collection of Steelers memorabilia; to Ms. Gonzalez, a notebook filled with all of the chisme ever spoken in Columbus; to Mr. Croke, a presidential Medal of Honor. 

I, Matthew Carvajal, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Rodriguez, for making my first day at Columbus one to remember; to Mr. Pelegrin, for being such a down to earth relatable friend before a teacher; to Mr. Frazier, hey bub! for showing me the type of attitude I should carry with me not only through the halls, but through life; to Mrs. Alonso, for being so sweet and kind all throughout my sophomore year; to Mrs. Leonard, for all the morning meetings and the best opera singer I know; to Mr. Andres Gonzalez, for showing me just how kind, generous, positive, and overall amazing a person can truly be. Whether it was in class or not, when I was in need of help, especially in one of my lowest times, he was there, and for that I cannot even begin to express my gratitude; to Mrs. Rodriguez, for completely putting all my worries about taking my first AP class to ease. For allowing me to confide in her emotionally and showing me that she is not just a teacher. She is such a cool, helpful, funny, and just enjoyable teacher to have and I know any and every of her future students will think so too; to Mr. Ferguson, for being such an unorthodox, hilarious, wild and crazy, but incredible teacher; to Mr. Harriman, for redefining what it means to be a teacher. I was lucky enough to be taught by him for two of my four years and they were both just as memorable and fun. And lastly to Mr. Busatto, for making what I thought was going to be a boring and dreadful senior class into quite the opposite.

I, Michael Cerra, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Coach Dukes, for helping my lifting techniques and foods I should be consuming for muscle building; to Mr.Gonzalez, for making religion fun last year and helping me understand more about the Students Against Destructive Decisions organization; to Br.Felix, for always making the class laugh during his math lessons; to Mr.Santa-Maria, for making microeconomics one of my favorite classes throughout my 4 years of Columbus; to Mr.Aviles, for always shaking a protein shake and eating blueberries during class.

I, Gabriel Coleman, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, I leave to you my untouched lab notebooks; to Mr. Connell, I leave a brand new Stetson hat; to Mrs. Aycart, I leave a life time supply of cafe; and lastly, to Mr. Croke I leave a brand new set of clubs. 

I, Liam Coleman, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Brother Felix, a veteran at Columbus who continues to teach and educate students; to Sra. Cedeño who has taught me everything I need to know about Spanish in order to have a conversation; to Brother John for keeping my breath smelling fresh with the mints.

I, Dominik Conde, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Dr. Lee, a classroom so that she doesn’t have to move around all day; to Mr. Aviles, a megaphone to yell at his students; to Mr. Machado, baby diapers for him and his child; and Mr. Harriman, a new set of hair.

I, Luis Cordova, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Rodriguez, for making my freshmen year memorable, and helping me get used to Columbus; to Mr. Pelegrín, for helping me understand grammar better, and making it fun at the same time; to Mr. Frazier, for teaching me how to solve a Rubik’s cube; to Mrs. Reynaldo, for helping make sure I didn’t fail my Chemistry final; to Mr. Connell, for helping me in my worst subject for two years; to Mr. Linfors, for helping me learn some great pieces of English Literature; to Mr. Corazon, for being the best business teacher I could’ve asked for, and being the teacher to help me the most in the career I want to pursue in the future; I also want to thank everyone who was a part of my journey in Columbus.

I, Miguelangel Cortes, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Hermida, a roll of painter’s tape so he can cover that Gators logo on his mug; to Mr. Kumer, a one way ticket to Afghanistan and a rite of passage to a warlord’s tribe, also a pair of wolverines and a box of cigars; to Coach Dunn, a coffee machine; to Mr. Lynskey, a Cross at the Crosswalk Day; to Deacon Dugard, banning the use of “I’m sorry” on campus; to Mr. Linfors, a championship for any of his Baltimore teams.

I, Christopher de la Viesca, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Aviles, a Clear Touch board that works; to Mr. Kumer, another llama with a Palestinian flag and a kufiyyeh; to Mr. Crossman, a space elevator; to Ms. Brown, a calculus equation that has nothing to do with stats; to Mrs. Sanchez, my homologous chromosomes; to Mrs. Koepp, another classroom to put all your art; to Mr. Moro, a delicious math problem; to Mrs. Cofresi, another situation that’s fluid; to Mr. Ciocca, a share in FPL; to Mr. Ortega, a logarithmic spiral and another question he can’t answer; and to Ms. McCullagh, my tailbone and a Holocaust investigation exploration examination. 

I, Andrew Duran, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, 5 dollars to keep children from his classroom; to Mr. Hermida, a taller ladder to protect his classroom of sleeping students; to Coach Landera, a nice large wig to cover his bald head; to Mr. Corazon, a microphone so that he may stop screaming; to Mr. Larrubia, stable internet connection being that he is the Computer Science teacher; to Mr. Linfors; students with common sense; to Mr. Busatto, the disappearance of Cengage; to Mr. Pittaluga, a shirt that says “Daily Notes” (for the better); to Mr. Pino, a reminder set to erase the board of notes; to Dr. Dugard, a sign with the words of “Youth in Asia” written on it; to Mrs. Mallafre, extended periods for those written quizzes; to Mr. Croke, the opportunity to meet Yao Ming; to Mr. Aviles, brand new markers that will be destroyed within a week; to Mrs. Amador, a calendar to never forget our meetings (lol); to Mr. Nunez, my college acceptance letter for guiding me through the process; last but not least, to Brother Herb, a new training room.

I, Oliver Echevarria, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Kumer, a new beta fish; to Mr. Linfors, a bottle of Palmolive; to Mr. Crossman, a new set of books for all those lost mysteriously; to Mr. Baez, a batch of science-lab “ice cream”; to Mr. Hermida, a pack of the softest shirts in the world; and to the faculty, staff, and student body of Christopher Columbus High School, a ginormous thank you.

I, Diego Espinosa, being of sounds mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Kumer, a pet fish; to Mr. Aviles, a new desk; to Mr. Moro, a good mechanic; to Mrs. Mallafre; some new books; to Mrs. Galvez-Cuesta, a very large chess set; to Mr. Pelegrin, more Seminoles merch; to Mr. Armando Rodriguez, more experimental equipment; to Mr. Ciocca, some good music albums; to Dra. Folch, the best paella I have ever tried; to Sra. Gonzalez, a stuffed toy; to Mr. Linfors, book recommendations; to Mr. Larrubia, a gamer pc; to Mrs. Cofresi, coffee; to Mr. Baez, a cool dad outfit; and to anyone else I haven’t mentioned, a thank you. 

I, Ryan Etten, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Moro, thank you for being my mentor through my journey; to Mr. Baez, another chance to sit in his class and do absolutely nothing; to Mr. Aviles, a closet full of smartboards just in case a couple of them break; to Mr. Hermida, a framed picture of the boys with Shawn Mendez; to Mr. Ortega, I wish that I could’ve seen you rocking a mullet; to Mr. Larrubia, thank you for making my days a lot better – I expect to see many awards with the robotics team when I visit; to Mr. Ciocca, for expecting perfection on every quiz; to Mrs. Galvez-Cuesta and Mrs. Amador, thank you for guiding me in the right direction for my future. And to all my Columbus brothers, thank you for the greatest memories that I will cherish forever. 

I, Kris Falcon, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, the man of the hour; to Mr. Linfors, to be the chillest teacher out there and the most respected one; to Mr. Mendoza, water pong champion; and to Paul, keep killing it on the streets and being locked down.

I,Rafael Flores, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Foyo, thank you for making math the best subject and looking forward to your class; to Mr. Frazier, thank you for teaching us how to solve the Rubik’s cube; to Mr. Machado, thank you for being a great teacher; to Mr. Scholer, thank you for telling us all the stories I hope my life is filled with memories like yours is. To all the teachers I have had thank you for everything.

I, Christopher Gil, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Moro, thank you for teaching me life lessons I will use for the rest of my life; to Mr. Rodriguez, that the Celtics never make the finals again; to Mr. Bussato, for the fun times we had talking about sports, movies and video games; to Ms. Horowitz and Ms. Vinson, thank you for guiding me through my college decision and making it much easier for me.

I, Christopher Gomez, of sound mind and body hereby bequeath: to Omar Delgado, a diet that doesn’t raise your blood pressure; to Ms Insua, a new little mesita because I took the current one; to Mr. Lynskey, an Allman Brothers concert at Columbus; to Mr. Pugh, a Columbus C pin that always stays straight; to Ms. Mallafre, a plane ticket to New York; to Mrs. Horowitz, all the patience on God’s green earth; to Mr. Hermida, enough incense to last every Light it Up Friday; to Mr. Kruczek, new office furniture; to Mr. Crossman, a brand new chicken; to Ms. Rodriguez as much sopita as she could ever wish for. And finally to Mr. Díaz, enough coffee to not punch a hole in the wall. 

I, Alex Gonzalez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. O’Neil, thanks for making school fun and I hope you continue using that VR headset; to Dr. Lee, for conversations about Kanye; to Ms. Acevedo, for being the best teacher I’ve had at teaching information; to the student body thank you for giving some of the best memories both in and outside of school. Although half of our Columbus experience was over Zoom, we made some good memories.

I, Alexander Gonzalez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Kumer, a pet llama; to Mr. Baez, a diligent AP class; to Mr. Crossman, some stilts; to Mr. Hermida, a Thanos poster; to Mr. Linfors, a box of tennis balls; to Mr. Ciocca, 10 McDoubles; to Mr. Lynskey, a signed picture of the sexy Winston Churchill.

I, Jesse Gonzalez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Frazier, a Rubik’s cube that says “Hey Bub” whenever it is completed, to Dr. Lee, a button that says “How’s the vibe” whenever clicked; to Mrs. Cedeno a button that screams “Chambea” whenever clicked, to Mrs. Cofresi, a plushy of a black cricket to remember when and why she put me on her list; to Mr. Busatto a book called Trading for Dummies. 

I, Matthew Guidi, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Staiano, for teaching me freshman year on how to be first in walk-a-thon earnings; to Mr. Corazon, teaching me about stocks and business leadership qualities as finding my own personal trait; to Mr. Cantor, teaching me on how important diets are and how to take care of your body; to Mrs. Leonard, for helping me with math as I struggled as it was my weakest subject, but with her great teaching I was able to achieve A’s in her class. I would finally would like to thank all my teachers that I’ve had over the last four years, as I would never forget them and can always come back to ask more questions. #Adelante 

I, Emilio Heinert, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, a 3 on my AP Chem exam; to Mr. Kumer, my last DVD of Superbad; to Mr. Crossman, a hug because he looks like he needs one; and to Mr. Hermida, my old bike.

I, Juan Jaureguizar, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, thank you for all of the memorable classes even though I failed your final you really made my time here at Columbus worthwhile; to Mr. Hermida, a golden shoe to put on your desk; to Brother Felix, a computer where Zoom will never shut down; to Mr. Aviles, a working smart board; to Coach Morrissey, thank you for being the best coach I had at Columbus and pushing me to do my best; and to all faculty and staff thank you for everything you have done and just know that the small things you do for us students don’t go unnoticed.

I, Kainen Jorge, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Hermida’s story about Armando Picadillo’s pocket knife; to Mr Baez and his 7-9 Giants; to Mr Benitez and Benitez Nation. 

I, Christopher Jose, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Sanchez, physics, the reason for everything; to Mr. Moro, a good morning, a good afternoon, and a good evening; to Mr. Crossman, an asteroid-mining space elevator; to Mr. Ortega, a related rates problem with only 36 seconds of class left; to Mr. Baez, a day where you don’t hear “but sir”; to Mr. Kumer, a new room suitable for a stool, a fish, and a llama. Thank you to all the unique and special individuals who make Columbus the greatest high school in the nation. 

I, Alejandro Joya, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath: to Mr.Linfors, a great big dictionary since he is so good at understanding his students; to Ms.Essig, a hammock in Hawaii for being so relaxing and chill; to Mr.Harriman, a brand new PS5 since he is a gaming wiz all while being a great teacher; to Mr.Isenberg, a giant self portrait with hair since he still has convinced himself that he has long blonde hair; to Coach Stewart, a military outfit since he is a Sergeant and PE coach at the same time; and last but not least a UCF poster spelling out “University of Charles Frazier” to Mr.Frazier because he is convinced that’s what it stands for; and to the rest of Columbus, I appreciate everything you have done for the me over the last 4 years, I will never forget it.

I, Stephen Kolski, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Coach Morrissey, I bequeath good luck next year, because he’s definitely going to need it; to Mr. Moro, I bequeath some freshman that will finally listen; to Brother Felix, I bequeath that Zoom will be gone next year; to Mr. Benitez, I bequeath that no more beta males will come to this school; to Mr. Scholar, I bequeath that no more people will touch his wall of stuff.

I, Nikolas Leibkuchler, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ciocca, a classroom full of students paying attention; to Ms Aycart, a button that blares out the phrase, “BUT MISS!!!”; to Mr. Bussato, a proper basketball rim for the room; to Mr. Linfors, one day with a student not in the bathroom; to Brother Felix, a class with no home boys; to Mr. Benitez, a school fight club to see who the real alpha males are; to Mr. Ferguson, a day where you really are the center of the universe; to Mr. Kumer, a day where you’ll finally pay me for the bet we made, and a data bank for all the stories you’ve told; to Mr Davis, another trip on El Camino; to Mr. Hermida, a rename for a group quiz, called Niko’s annoying moment of the day; to Coach Dukes, a proper offshore boat; to Mr Ortega, a classroom a little closer to the rest of the school; to Mr Pelegrin, well you already got yours of getting out of Miami; to Mr Aviles, a Super Bowl for the Dolphins in your lifetime; to Mr. Nunez, a day where I’m not being annoying in your office; to Brother Herb, a week of me being healthy; and finally to Coach Stewart, a player from Jamaica, and a team not full of idiots so you don’t have to call us the dumbest team you’ve ever coached. Finally to Westchester, a name change to…. THE CITY OF THE COLUMBUS EXPLORERS. I want to thank Columbus not only for being the best four years of my life, but entering me into the best club a man could be a part of Adelante! Explorers for Life!

I, Gabriel Llerena, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ortega, the best times I’ve ever had in a math class and a bag of coffee; to Mr. Pino, the mind-numbing knowledge that I got a 5 even though he expected a 2; to Mr. Kumer, my amazing sense of humor that he’s always appreciated; to Mr. Baez, the knowledge of how to truly run honors chemistry in the future; to Madame Vessiere, a lobster telephone; to Mr. Avilez, alcohol to numb the pain of the Dolphins’ performance every season; to Mr. Hermida, a how-to guide on how to finish growing a beard; to Ms.Taylor, a recycled plastic water bottle; and to Mr. Linfors, flowers he can give to his wife whenever she gets mad.

I, Michael Martinez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: that Columbus has truly formed me into a better person. I would like to thank the following teachers and counselor for inspiring me to be the best man that I can be and for always believing in me: Moro, Pelegrin, Kumer, Baez, Mallafre, Croke, Hermida, Martinez, and Busatto. Although all of my teachers and counselors here have had a positive impact on my high school years, these few specifically truly had a crucial role throughout my times here at Columbus, and I am very grateful for all they have done for me. My journey in Columbus, although ending now, was a great one, and I am happy to have met such great friends in this school that I can call home. 

I, Dawson Mays, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: my Tesla coils and physics equipment to Ms. Sanchez, in memory of her husband, who gave me everything I know about physics and engineering today; a single cent to Mr. Ciocca, to buy that sheet of paper he always discussed in class; 10 grams of my trinitite sample to Mr. Hermida, to give back a piece of American history to him; my calculator to Ms. Foyo, for teaching me the math I needed to become an engineer.

I, Rolando Medina, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ferguson, a state of the art blender so that his smoothies will be better than ever; to Ms. McCullagh, I would like to give the actual Constitution and a life size cardboard cutout of every founding father; to Brother Felix, I would like to leave skateboard so he can do tricks; to Mr. Linfors, I’d give an improbability drive; and to Dr. Lee, I’d like to give a signed copy of I Luh God because I know how much she enjoys trap gospel music.

I, Anthony Miranda, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Rodriguez, a new J. Cole album; to Mr. Mendoza, all of Mesopotamia; to Mr. Harriman, a brand new PlayStation 5; to Mr. Larrubia, infinite RAM and rapid upload speed; to Mr. Weber, 0 goose eggs; to Coach Gonzalez, headgear that fits perfectly. Thanks for the impact you guys made on my life and for teaching me many valuable lessons.

I, Michael Miranda, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Larrubia, a better pc so code runs in time before class ends; to Mr. Frazier, a cut of beef jerky from every part of the world and the Rubik’s cube used for the world record time; to Mr. Linfors, a copy of The Lord of the Rings signed by Tolkien himself; to Mr. Chica, a classroom made to suit the needs of the EMT class. 

I, Isaiah Morales, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mrs. Gonzalez, her old room in the Mas building; to Mr. Linfors, an espresso coffee machine; to Mrs.Horowitz, a lifetime of massage envy; to Mr.Scholar, melatonin gummies; to Mrs. De La Hoz, a lifetime supply of Yankee Candles; to Mr. Landera, although I love the bald head I would love to see a nice pink mullet wig on you; to Mr.Benitez, tickets to every Marlins game and he has to be forced to go even if they are the worst, as well as lifetime tickets to the Dolphins games; to Mr.Amador (Religion teacher), indoor mini hoop so he can ball up his students; to Mr.Croke, let him keep his building on the third floor because he deserves it and name it “Crokeism”; to Ms.Mallafre, a “homeroom teacher of the year” award because she always made me happy to go to homeroom with her and just talk about anything; to Dr.Saavedra, give this man an element after his name because all we did was CHEMISTRY, love you though sir so here’s $100,000,000 so please spend it wisely. 

I, Gilbert Navarro, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr.Baez, hopefully the Giants are finally good; to Mr. Hermida, I became a geography wizard because of you; to Mr. Isenberg, for dealing with Isaiah and my Tomfoolery throughout the years, while helping me become a better artist!; to Cody Mckeon, for losing to me 1v1 in basketball; to Coach Bowman, for reading me the best sports news; to Coach Dunn, for the epic clashes in P.E. And for making the best call in Columbus history to win a State Championship; to Mr. Benitez, to being the funniest teacher on campus; to Mr. Staiano, for the countless years of Columbus basketball Camp; to Mr.Morrisey, to getting C’s on every test even though I took four hours reading the book the night before; to Mrs. Mallafre, for being like a mother like figure at school.; to Brother Eladio, for all the great pictures; to Ms. Taylor’s shark tagging adventures. 

I, Michael Ortiz, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Coach Landera, suicides and screaming during practice; to Mr. McKeon, arguments with Mr. Staiano about the Giants and Titans; to Ms. Tellechea, an endless supply of candy; to Mr. Baez, thank you for always giving us your crazy stories and advice; to Mr. Kumer, legendary Columbus stories and moments; to Mr. Benitez, making sure we become alphas in life; to Mrs. Reynaldo, constant reminder to make sure we’re writing notes in our notebook; and, finally to Mr. Pugh, thank you for the best four years of my life. 

I, Patrick Othon, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ortega, thank you for teaching me calculus for the past two years but also for keeping up with my request for recommendations; to Mr. Kumer, though only for a year thank you for the countless laughs in both your classes; to Mr. Baez, thank you for the great life stories, laughs, and the best 7th period I could ask for; to Mr. Ciocca, don’t worry next year you’ll get to teach the upcoming seniors as well as tell them your dad jokes in person; and finally to Mrs. Aycart, from being a freshman in your class of about 35 to being the VP for Science Honor Society thank you for looking out for me and being one of my favorite teachers. From the kindness and smiles every teacher has given throughout my 4 years at Columbus I’ve truly appreciated and cherished every minute of it. 

I. Daniel Padilla, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Mendoza, the countess of left winged political jokes; to Mr.Pelegrín, an argumentative approach to “Communication and Methodology”; to Mr.Frazier, a genuine attempt to convert a math lesson into underground comedy stand up; to Mr.Hermida, mastering the ability to give everyone the benefit of the doubt; to Mr. Isenberg, a uniquely fashionable hairline; to Mr. Chacon, turning the other cheek; and to the other teachers I failed to mention, thank you. 

I, Luis Padron, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Corazon, my laptop to sell the parts; to Mr. Cooper, to keep the good vibes in the classroom and the rights to all the beats I’ve made; to Mrs. De La Hoz, unlimited shoutouts on my Instagram to promote Nuestra_Maestra; to Mr. Ferguson, $500 to buy tinfoil for the annual tinfoil basketball tournament and a ninja blender for the delicious smoothies; to Mr. O’Neil, $10,000 for a 15% stake in my future microwaveable cheeseburger company; to Mrs. Khan-Roberts, all of my 1,000 campanadas; to Mr. Pino, a miniature robot to make a quiz for the class while you sell endless amounts of pizza to freshmen; and to Mr. Landera, a signed basketball by me, not because the signature is special, just to reminisce on better days. 

I, Emilio Pineda, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Corazon, all my cryptocurrencies and a minus eighty; to Coach Stewart, the soccer balls in found in the parking lot; and to Br. Herb, a new bench.

I, Pedro Portela, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: a brand new set of 9-irons to J-Money; Sharkawi’s return to Mr. Kumer; a new offense for the Giants to Mr. Baez; an ethernet cable to OB; a one way trip to the Maldives for 2 to Mrs. Horowitz; an alarm clock to Mr. Crossman; a new cook book to Madame Pugh; a squeeze toy to Mr. Aviles; a new bike for Mr. Hermida; and finally, the banquet in heaven she so frequently talks about to Mrs. Cofresi.

I, Diego Prieto, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Hermida, I leave a nice dip in the Potomac River with JQA and Von Stuben; to Mr. Kumer, more Jocko unraveling episodes; to Mr. Landera, I thank for pushing me to APUSH and a new hoop for walkathon basketball; to Sna. Folch I leave the gift of AP Spanish language; to Mr. Linfors I leave the sincerest gratitude for making Hamlet interesting and leaving Denmark in a rotten state; to Mr. Aviles, I leave a New Board; to Mrs. Mallafre, many thanks for her support; to Mr. Benitez, I leave a bucket of KFC; to Coach Dunn, I leave the star potential the baseball players would fulfill playing football; to Mr. Stewart, I leave my golf cart. And to everyone at Columbus, I thank you for making this place extremely special. C Pride Forever.

I, Cristian Puig, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, an NFL team to go for that’s not the Giants; to Ms. Taylor, a “chico” button; to Ms. Horowitz, annual tickets to Ohio State football games; for Mr. Linfors, a chance to meet all The Lord of the Rings actors; for Mrs. Mallafre, students with excellent presentation skills; for Mrs. Gonzalez, more Pachanga Fridays. 

I, Frankie Ribas, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ortega, a new smart board; to Mr. Linfors, a vial to use as a prop while reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I, William Rodriguez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: Mr. Isenberg, for always helping me improve my art; to Mr. O’Brien, for making Florida history interesting.

I, Aidan Romero, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ciocca, a hater of Honda and a lover of economics; to Mr. Baez, the best story teller in the school; and to Mr. Aviles, a great geometry teacher.

I, Ralph Sagrott, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, an award for best storyteller; to Mr. Isenberg, an unlimited supply of AP process videos; to Mr. Aviles, a working Smartboard; to Mr. Ciocca, his very own foreign exchange island; to Mr. Kumer, a new fish tank with fish named after every historical figure; to Mr. Ortega, the guarantee to never be interrupted by announcements in his class; to Mrs. Mallafre, a lifetime supply of fist bumps; to Mr. Linfors, an automated Zoom system that automatically allows late students into class; and to all Columbus teachers and faculty a huge thank you for such an incredible four years at Columbus.

I, Marcelo Samanez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Harriman, my gratitude for making my first religion class one of the most enjoyable experience I’ve had throughout this high school; to Mr. Isenberg, his favorite drawing of mine that was the best art work he has even seen; to Mr. Corazon, my stupendous knowledge of business, which would be pass down to one of his new students. And finally to Christopher Columbus HIgh School, my gratitude for giving me all the necessary equipment and guidance needed to succeed throughout this time in high school. 

I, Lucas Serrano, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Linfors, thanks for teaching me to appreciate literature and to change the way I think. He was my favorite class and I always looked forward to seeing him. Even if he doesn’t like me I will always love him. He is truly a great teacher and a great person.

I Jaden Sproul, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Ortega, a big head to stay in the corner of his room for forever; to Mr. Linfors, a copy of my favorite book The Gunslinger by Stephen King; to Mr. Busatto, a stopwatch to time people completing their assignments; to Mr. Benitez, some late work; to Mr. Moro, my 780 on the SAT Math section; to Ms. De La Hoz, a Hamilton Playbill; to Mr. Hermida, shoes to hit people with; and finally to Mr. Kumer, a new hat for Osama bin Llama.

I, Nicolas Stanham, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Baez, a good QB so that maybe the Giants could win some games; to Mr Avilés, noise cancelling headphones so that he can’t hear Lynskey interrupt him; to Mr Hermida, better neighbors so that he could keep his basketball hoop up; to Coach Morrisey, lacrosse players from up north so he doesn’t have to deal with us not being able to pass and catch; to Mr Linfors, students who turn their work in on time; and to Ms. Brown, many stress reduction items for the month before prom. 

I, Nickolas Suarez, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Nesser, multiple cups of coffee; to Mrs. Koepp, a thank you for dealing with us; to Br. Eladio, for your positivity; to Mr. Corazon, minus 80; to Mr. Pelegrin, some peace; to Mr. Rodriguez, a negative; to Mr. Connell, some new boots; to Mr. Croke, thank you for the best religion class I’ve taken; to Mrs. Acevedo, thank you for teaching me math for two years in a row; to Dr. Lee, thank you for your energy; to Mr. Morrissey, thank you for college advice; to Dr. Deacon Dugard, a side eye that only Jesus could do; to Mrs. De La Hoz, thank you for your zoom creativity; to Mr. Santa Maria, thank you for being an awesome art teacher; to Mr. Isenburg, no trouble; to Coach Dukes, a power clean; to Mr. Ciocca, a downward supply curve; to Mr. Busatto, thank you for helping me learn how to use a computer; to Mr. Linfors, a good future of education; to Mrs. Cofresi, a non-half effort project; to Mrs. McCullagh, Life, Liberty, Property; to Mr. Bowman, work on time; to Mr. Benitez and Benitez Nation, stay strong; to Coach Dunn, thank you for saving me from Macroeconomics; to Mrs. Horowitz, thank you for responding to questions that you already gave the answer to; to Mr. Kumer for managing to be my favorite class ever on Zoom, and to the rest of Columbus thank you for this brotherhood and the countless memories that I will never forget. 

I, Daniel Valdes being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Kumer and Mr. Croke, some incense sticks to keep students relaxed during stressful times; to Mr. Crossman, an invitation to one of the famous Valdes book reading parties; to Mr. Baez, UM gear to thank you for all the struggles I gave you; to Mr. Corazon, my model that I made during our leadership class as a token of my appreciation to you; to Mr. Hermida, some sunglasses to keep Sean Mendez looking fresh; to all of my teachers, love and appreciation for making me the young man I am today.

I, Daniel Van Arman, being of sound mind and body do hearby bequeath: to Mr. Moro, a red pen to properly check the application; to Mr. Aviles, a lifetime supply of protein powder and blueberries; to Dra. Folch a new iPad charger; to Ms. Acevedo, a box of lollipops; to Brother Felix I leave an instruction manual to Zoom; and to Mrs. Horowitz, I leave an exemption card to AP and ring mass duties.

I, Antonio Varona III, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Pino, a map of 1980’s Florida because it’s time for an update; to Mr. Pelegrín, a life sized monkey doll with a Mas Scholars polo; to Mr. Moro, a very nice chair because a man of your energy needs a good place to rest; to Mr. Larrubia, a thank you for being my welcome to Columbus; to Mr. Ulloa, a thank you for believing in me and taking the chance by sending me back up to honors English; to Mr. Frazier, I leave you nothing but request the drawing I did for your class that you wanted to keep; to Mr. Croke, I return the A you gave me so you can “pasa lo patras”; to Mr. Landera, my three championship rings from the group competitions; to Ms. Alonso, I leave my thanks for being the first Spanish class I actually learned something in; to Mr. Morrissey, a picture of my diploma when I earn it because I certainly got into my top school as a result of your essay help; to Mr. Cooper, a leaf to remember Columbus’ first ever leaf solo; to Dr. Dugard, an emp to power down all electronic devices because I’m not sure anyone will ever need their IPad for a day in your class; to Mr. Ferguson, a regulation certified approved ball; to Mr. Linfors, the site where I got all my summaries from; to Coach Scholer the original letterman that I lost, it was not stolen by my ex-girlfriend; to Mrs. Cofresi, a holster for the chanclas and another journal for the book of weird volume 2; to Mr. Isenberg, my greatest Masterpiece (upon its creation) because I certainly wouldn’t be where I am in my artistic journey if not for you. 

I, Vince Viamontes, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: to Mr. Hermida, the abolition of the Homeowners Association; to Mrs. Taylor, the disappearance of all plastic water bottles; to Mr. Linfors, a working AC; to Mr. Kumer, a mega popular instagram account; to Mr, Ciocca, that Ferrari he wanted; to Mr. Pino, a doctorate of facilitating learning; to Mr. Croke, an escape path from the tower; to Mrs. Galvez-Cuesta an award for world’s nicest person; and finally a huge thank you to everyone in Columbus that makes it the great place it is.

I, Alexander Voigt, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: thank Mr. Foyo for always being the great person and teacher he was. He taught me and coached my dad so he won’t be forgotten. I also thank Mrs. Noy for being the nicest teacher I’ve ever had.

I, Bryan Yzquierdo, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath: a heartfelt thank you to all Columbus staff. I have learned and grown a lot during these last four years in Columbus, and a lot of it is due the great teachers that make up the school staff. This is why before I go, I want to let them know my grateful I am of their hard work.

I, Rafael Zanolini, being sound of mind and body do hereby bequeath: I would like to grant Br.Herb his own accountant to make sure he is receiving and tracking all the money he makes from his food/snack emporium. Coach Benitez is to be given his own talk-show on T.V. Ms.Brown deserves a weekend in Aruba to relax and get rid of her stress from SAC. Ms.Taylor is to be given a radio that only plays Guantanamera. Ms. Cédeno deserves a new microwave. 

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