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Squires and the World of Service

By Ryan Montoto


Over 25 years ago, the Knights of Columbus invited Brother Eladio Gonzalez to create a Catholic service club and be its moderator. Since then, Squires has been dedicated to improving the community through good deeds. According to Brother Eladio, they do this by prioritizing “friendship, service, promotion of values, leadership, and spiritual life.” He has devoted his life to Marist youth groups in places like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Texas, and, of course, Miami, but they all possess the same purpose: serving and sharing with those less fortunate.

For example, on Thanksgiving, not only did Squires members deliver a meal to the poor but also ate and prayed with them. “We give them food and prayer; they give us joy and acceptance,” says Brother Eladio.

His favorite part of Squires is to see Columbus students succeed in their current endeavors and eventually go on to become service leaders in society. This rewarding club aims to imitate the attitude of Mary in all it does. It is passionate about social causes and participates in various community activities throughout the year.

Squires meets every Tuesday after school in Room B23 and always welcomes new members.

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