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Thank You, Columbus: A Pre-Midterm Ode

By Joey Seara and Ferny Cordal

The holidays are in full effect now with Thanksgiving behind us, midterms eminent, and Christmas just a few weeks away. With that being said, we decided to take a look at what we are thankful for here at Columbus, partially to realize how lucky we are, and partially to prevent midterm reviews.

  1. AP Curves
  2. Late entry when it’s raining
  3. Josh Cantor’s youthfulness yet aged wisdom
  4. “Walk-a-thon Holidays”
  5. One of the Brothers asking for your help right before that chemistry test you “studied all night for”
  6. Belen vs. Columbus football tailgates (juniors, get ready)
  7. Mr.Crossman’s way of telling you your paper stinks, without ever really saying it
  8. Mr.Bravo’s hair
  9. Mas Building Bathrooms
  10. Brother Herb giving you credit to “pay him back” for Gatorade after practice
  11. Paul being not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need
  12. Mr.Lynskey’s stories
  13. Fried rice Tuesdays and Chop-Chop Thursdays
  14. And finally, yelling C-Pride at any event and instantly making ten new friends.

Good luck on your midterms Explorers, we are almost there.

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