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Third Times the Charm: A Review of Star Trek Beyond

The Star Trek franchise has been around for fifty-years. In those fifty-years, the franchise has had its fair share of both very good and very bad media. Luckily for Trekkies, the two J.J. Abrams directed reboot films have been great returns to the bridge of the Enterprise with the new crew. Now, a third movie in the reboot series is out, but this time, there is no J.J. Abrams behind the camera to direct the crew of the enterprise to where no man has gone before. Will the new director Justin Lin be able to keep the series in a good place?

The story follows Captain Jim Kirk and his crew as they continue their journey through space. As Kirk is beginning to grow tired of his duties as Captain, a new threat appears. With the Enterprise destroyed and the crew scattered or captured by their new enemy, Kirk and his friends must find a way to overcome their new rival, the villainous Krall.
As mentioned before, the third entry in the reboot Star Trek series had fans worried since J.J. was too busy with Star Wars to return for this film. Trailers were not well received, but a clever advertising campaign with the film’s posters kept some intruiged. Luckily for Trekkies, the film is a satisfying new entry into the long running series, with more action packed adventure and more growth among the young crew of the Enterprise.
As far as performances go, all returning cast members as as good as they were in the two previous Star Trek films. Chris Pine once again does a great job as Kirk, showing a more weary side to the character not seen in the previous two installments. Zachary Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban as Bones also give great performances as their respective iconic characters. Every character gets a chance to shine in this installment. Due to the crew of the Enterprise being split up, certain characters are forced together into interesting scenarios allowing some characters such as Spock and Bones to interact in new and entertaining ways. These scenes are not only funny, but heartfelt as well, further binding this team together.
Idris Elba as Krall is a menacing villain, but not the best of the three seen in the reboot series. It’s hard to follow up Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Kahn in the previous film, leaving Elba’s villain to be serviceable, but not as memorable. Despite this, he still has a few great interactions with Enterprise crew members that truly makes him a threat to the team. The new character of Jayla, played by Sofia Boutella, is another fine addition to the Star Trek series, having many humorous moments with Simon Pegg’s Scotty, and also adding to the film’s action sequences.
Overall, Star Trek Beyond is a fun return to the Star Trek world and a nice way to celebrate the Fiftieth anniversary of the franchise. In a summer filled with disappointing blockbusters, this one proved to be one of the better of the bunch. With great performances from both old and new cast members and a smartly written script by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung that provides laughs and thrills, Star Trek Beyond is a fun experience that any Trekkie should check out.

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  1. Efrain Mendoza says:

    I’m not a Trekkie, but sounds like fun. I’ll check it out.

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