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War in Philly

Series tied 1-1!

Over in Philly, war has erupted on the court between the Heat and Sixers as the Sixers won the first game 130-103. The Heat stole the second road game 113-103 and in both games the Heat led at half. In the first game the Heat fell apart scoring 18 and giving up 34 in the third quarter to then give up another 40 in the fourth. The main reason for the Sixers success in game 1 came from them controlling the speed of the game and becoming physical on the defensive end of the floor. They had double the amount of steals as the Heat and nearly the same amount of blocks. In the second game, the main difference was that the Heat led in both steals and blocks. On top of this they held the Sixers to shooting 19 percent from behind the arc unlike the first game in which the Sixers shot 64 percent from the three. The most exciting part of the night was a flash back to the “Flash” Wade dropping game high 28 points with a dagger to secure the win in the final minutes. We are back in action Thursday at home for the first home game of the series and to take the series lead.

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