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We are Growing Up

By Ferny Cordal 

On the eve of Halloween, something hit me. Halloween is kind of a metaphor of life for students. Wait, before you exit this post, let me explain. For years, our parents have dressed us, held our hands, and walked with us through different paths. Was the previous sentence about Halloween or about a students life for the last 16 or so years?

As some of us embark a journey through high school and other begin our college applications, our world is changing before us. For example, Halloween. The holiday used to be a lot different than it is today. Our parents would help us choose a costume, hold our hands as we walk through our neighborhoods, give us a bag to hold our candy in, and watch on as we would relish over which candy was accumulated throughout the night. That has changed. No longer do our parents choose our costumes for us, nor do they hold our hands and walk around with us. Although, one thing has not and will not ever change. Our parents will look on as we celebrate over our success.

Our lives as young men have transformed. Our parents can no longer choose what ‘costumes’ we wear in the real world. As young men, we make the decisions as to what we wear and who to become. Our parents no longer walk through paths with us while holding our hands. As young men, we walk these paths alone but prepared. After all, our parents did hand us the tools we need to walk through these paths. If it wasn’t for the bags our parents handed to us, how else could we be successful in collecting our candy?

Our parents may not make choices for us anymore and they may not be holding our hands and walking with us but they did hand us the tools to be successful. At the end, our parents just want to see us be happy with our success.



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  1. Mr. Frazier says:

    Hey Bub!
    May you always get the “good” candy!!

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