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What does it take to be a leader?


By Neo Gaitan

What does it take to be a leader? A leader isn’t someone who looks strong or speaks with boldness. A true leader is someone who does acts not for his own good, but for the good of everyone else. Leaders don’t look for glory in what they do, they only look for a brighter future for everyone.

We are all leaders in our own way, some better than others. Look at yourself and tell me you can never be a leader. That you can never stand up for what you believed in. That you can never step up to be the example. What defines our leadership is our actions, our results in the end. Some leaders fight for people while some have people fight for them. In those moments you are truly defining what leader you are. Leaders are an example for everyone to follow, whether you are setting a good example or not is entirely up to you.

No one chooses to be a leader, that life chooses you. Cause tall or small, wealthy or poor, you are born to be a leader. Leaders don’t come from the sky or created by any god, they are born right here with us, they are always with us, maybe even right next to us. Everyone has that moment where they take a stand and bring inspiration to everyone else and that is the time where you have a leader.

So look at yourself and do what you were made to do. You’re a human being, you can be a leader. This is your world, and it is your right to change it for your future and everyone else’s future. When everyone is lost in the valley of darkness be that beacon of light to help them find the way. Some will laugh and some will criticize, but most will be inspired and follow you. Ask yourself this: will you stand with the rest and wander down a strange path or will stop them and show them to a much better path? Leaders are everywhere and they are inside all of us, you just have to wait until the time is right. Until that time comes, think about what leader you will be: the noble one that charges forward and have his people charge with him, or the coward that lets others fight for him and him alone.


2 Responses to “What does it take to be a leader?”

  1. Brandon Cominsky says:

    This is an Amazing Piece !

    It tells a story and the clever word choice used made me stay focused and engaged throughout the entire thing.

    A Job well done! 🙂

  2. David Pugh says:

    Very well written. My hope is that our students read your article and that it makes an impact. One of my favorite quotes on leadership was written by Douglas MacArthur, an American Five Star General and Chief of Staff of the United States Army…

    A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.

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